Year-end gift shopping list was invited to the shenzhen gift show

by:SUNGPO     2020-12-18
Is about to open the fourth quarter of 2020, the enterprise's procurement will also be one of the most busy season, whether it's end of employee benefits, customer appreciation, promotion, or set the annual meeting of all want to bring the purchasing schedule. Should not only meet the needs of different preferences, within budget and control, is also a big problem to test the procurement. To meet potential, October 20, 2020 - 23, 28 session of China ( Shenzhen) International gifts and household products exhibition opens in shenzhen international convention and exhibition center, and also including massage, fascia gun gun, neck massager since research product were invited to attend and present gifts annual most blockbuster time, help you get twice the result with half the effort. Shenzhen gift show, as the industry a great scale influence, popularity and reputation, invite industry chain upstream and downstream enterprises head copolymerization exhibition every year, a total of deep frontier achievements and trends. The exhibition hall 9 qi, set up 8000 + booth covers 20 + mainstream exhibits category, with 18 square meters in size to meet nearly 200000 professional buyers, for more than 4000 global quality exhibitors open procurement by the end of season, the procurement for the enterprise provides the most authoritative view level industry procurement platform. Chinese complex, year-end gift choice for health! At the beginning of the end, means the New Year, new atmosphere for people, 'health' has traditionally been the high frequency words in the holiday greetings, so, send health is both practical and full of gifts preferred temperature, either as an employee welfare, can also be used for customer appreciation, at the end of promotion, functional joker. Provide the fascia of gun, deep muscle relaxation, wake up the body vitality, has the strength, movement, and massage, three intelligent model, noise brushless motor, wireless handheld, 14 hours for long life and other characteristics, allowing you to get rid of fatigue, from inside to outside slowly to the body with energy. Intelligent massager RP - cervical spine U1 new upgrade, easy for you to fondle neck fatigue, has 15 gears intensity adjustment, application, gua sha, cupping, hammering the pulse patterns such as massage, acupuncture, 3 seconds speed hot, intelligent temperature control at 42 ℃ constant temperature heat effect, using pulse frequency electric conduction to deep skin, simulating a variety of simulation massage technique, energy Dally penetration, cervical vertebra enjoy SPA to relax. The built-in lithium battery, the Type - C interface charge, charge for 30 minutes, continuous use for a week. Massage gun, save space, relying on the human body database, according to the size quickly locate corresponding acupoints and muscles, built-in smart machine, a variety of massage technique, several efforts to adjust, soft massage head; Seat principle, according to the capsule body went into a state of 126 + 7 ° pressureless enjoy massage, relax more thoroughly, the body is more relaxed. This exhibition, reception of more than three thousand visitors, popular products, have any need, can contact our sharp strong sports, we wholeheartedly at your service.
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