Why would recommend brands massage gun?

by:SUNGPO     2020-08-24
Use trial evaluation and so many different brands of gun finally chose this brand of massaging the gun. Here, in fact, without considering the price and is a good choice. Massage before pharaoh said, all is a gun, why would the price span between thousands of yuan? The motor or elected. Massage, of course, does not exclude foreign gun is at a premium. Less than 100 yuan of the massage in the use of domestic mountain gun, in the case of without any pressure both speed and distance to massage head vibration, look at that large. Can once blessing effect on the human body, the rotating speed and vibration frequency range is completely unreadable, even effect on the body with the role of 'a little dolphins massager' exactly the same, which makes first contact massage gun friend disappointed! So, a good massage gun, must have a powerful motor, plenty of shock distance! After all invited, feel this massage gun useful, its reason has the following points: 1. Quality is very light friends can also think that the weight is to use, take up very comfortable very light, only the weight of 1. 1 kg, volume is small, even if a package with a practice over immediately press is also can go to the gym
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