Why the price difference is amazing home massage gun?

by:SUNGPO     2020-12-16
In this era of faster and faster pace of life, every day trudging home become the norm, more and more people are in a state of sub-health, so sharp massage gun is becoming more and more popular. Massage on the market, however, gun dazzling, price difference is big, where is the difference between these massage gun? Mainly is the difference of massage function and comfort. For example, expensive and cheap car can drive, but driving and feel the difference is very big, you can't expect very cheap intelligent massage gun can press anything good. Good massage gun follows the principle of human body engineering design, massage in gun using 3 d intelligent machine core, L long rail, automatic size detection, etc. , the various parts of the body massage in place is also very comfortable, very good massage effect. The second is massage gun use material difference. Low-end massage guns often use wooden frame, not wear-resisting poor quality leather and can affect the service life of the massage gun's low cost of motor. In addition, the low end of the massage massage head of gun is very hard, and massage massage head of gun is usually used in silica gel material, has good elasticity, long service life, soft, close to the people. The difference between massage after gun technology content. In intelligent, massage gun general intelligence, able to control the use of mobile phones, usually some massage guns into nowadays even more fire VR and artificial intelligence technology, such as spinoza 7708 gun live-action customized virtual reality massaging the pavilion, brings immersive experience. Guangdong massage gun manufacturer to remind you: home massage guns have imported brands also have domestic brands, the price of imported brands are generally above 30000, they have 1 - 20000 low-end models, but are mostly domestic OEM, rather than directly buy domestic brands. And domestic massage guns from 23000 to tens of thousands of the price, do not recommend the purchase price is very low massage gun, after all, you get what you pay for, for domestic 1 - high cost performance 20000 massage guns. In short, low-end gun massaging effect is poor, covers an area of massage uncomfortable again, it is better to buy a massage cushion. Massage in the gun has a good experience, long service life and quality after-sales service, has become the choice of the family to buy massage gun. Next: how can I buy a satisfactory massage gun? A: massage gun crash failures, how to do?
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