Why problem summary: use the gun massaging muscle itch?

by:SUNGPO     2020-09-01
Lao wang today to bring the collected these days about you in the use of massage gun ( Massage a gun) The problems to solve: Q: why do massage gun massage place in itch? Remember before you had introduced in this article, why do some muscles feel itching difficult than when the massage. That's because massage muscles in a tight state for a long time, use massage massage is gun will be deep tight muscles relax, so will feel itchy. It also suggests that use of gun massaging muscle effect is achieved. Can experience, sitting in a chair, relax the knees, with one hand to knead knee muscles on either side of the upper, you will feel itchy to accept! Large leg muscles due to long time to walk so tight muscles. Q: don't exercise can use massage gun? Of course I can. The body has too many place in daily life because there is no muscle massage to relax, so that the muscles in a tight state throughout the year. So use massage gun or by masseuse massage to relax the muscles and can cause muscle to obtain the very good solution. Gun is not necessary to relax massage products, of course, but it was a massage to ease muscle efficiency is the most efficient product! Q: can use the gold film after gun massage? Can't. The effect of massage gun is mainly used in the sport training or office white-collar incorrect posture cause muscle tight for a long time, break up muscle release the fascia. Massage gun does not apply to a variety of muscles and joints, such as human pathological treatment. Q: after fitness with massage gun back legs appear green how to return a responsibility? Use massage gun to Lao wang insight: current bruises after massage muscles, are you a massage strength is too big, and massage to relax the time is too long. USES massage gun muscle relaxation, don't give massage gun according to the pressure, because of the high frequency vibration massage guns brought about by the strength of itself is very big, this is you pay special attention to when using massage gun! Q: massage gun gear as possible? And it isn't. These are all the brilliant design, gear is adjust the speed of massage guns per minute, i. e. gear adjust the frequency of their products. The world's most famous professional ( ) Massage guns and THERAGUN G3 brand, its and only three to five gear gear design, the RPM control between 2000 and 3000 RPM. Like those 20 gear design, speed can reach 9600 largest r, moreover propaganda can reach tens of thousands of, is all hype! Such a design, can only lead to product more problems and physical harm to users! The above about the problems in the use of massage gun, Lao wang will be in after the article in detail introduce. Reprint please indicate the: massage problem summary of gun guide: why use gun massaging muscle itch? 16)
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