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Why choose a fascia gun? What is the function of the fascia gun?

Why choose a fascia gun? What is the function of the fascia gun?


Shenzhen Senpu Hi-Tech Electronics Co., Ltd. is a company that produces and processes fascia guns, neck massagers, EMS foot massagers, beauty instruments, skin scrubbers, dental scalers and other products. It can be OEM/ODM and is owned by the company. Complete and scientific quality management system.

Although most people are still unfamiliar with the term "fascia gun", in the nba arena, --- and variety shows, the muscles that frequently appear in the hands of fascia gun manufacturers and sports idols are pressed i-motors ---, that is Fascia gun.

Fascia relaxes, exercise recovery, and even soreness. Although the fascia gun manufacturer is said to be expensive, this niche fitness product seems to have a trend towards the general public.

For example, more fitness users began to use the fascia gun, product pictures were more exposed in the circle of friends, and even the fascia was relaxed, which became a ritual link after fitness.


Fascia is composed of elastic material similar to gel. Viscosity will reduce the friction between muscles. Therefore, applying vibration pressure can be a viscous material. After the viscosity is weakened, the ductility of the fascia is increased. , Let the muscles relax.

The reason for the need to relax the fascia is that the Shenzhen fascia gun manufacturer, the local muscles of the human body will have adhesions after damage or high-intensity exercise. This is the body's way of protecting muscles and a protective mechanism that hinders muscles or fascia from recovering. Fascia gun manufacturers therefore, relaxing the fascia is also a way to prevent sports injuries.

This is why in the live broadcast of the NBA, players often see players using the fascia gun to relax and protect their muscles.

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