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Where the fascia gun should not be used

Where the fascia gun should not be used


1. Not all the positions are suitable

① Never hit the joint; Fascia gun is suitable for muscle and soft tissue. For example, elbow, knee, head and back of hand are not allowed to be relaxed by fascia gun, which is easy to cause joint injury.

② The neck, chest, abdominal cavity and armpit, where the muscles are thin and close to the human organs and arteries, can not be impacted by fascia gun.

③ Ankle sprain, muscle tears and other acute sprain injury, is not the use of fascia gun.

2. Time is not suitable for too long, not the more painful the more effective

The same position with fascia gun 5-10 minutes can be used, using somatosensory maintained at 6-8 points of pain.

The use time is not suitable for too long. The frequency can also start from the lowest frequency. There is no need to put too much pressure on the massage gun in the process of massage. Due to the strength of the fascia gun, it can swim back to the muscle position of massage.

3. Proper use of massage head

Nowadays, fascia guns are usually equipped with 3-6 massage heads

(1) spherical foam head: relaxation for body muscles (suitable for beginners)

② U-shaped head: suitable for massage of sensitive place and spine

③ Flat head: suitable for large muscle groups

④ Bullet head: suitable for the purpose of impact pain

⑤ Air cushion head: suitable for women, can also buffer the power of vibration

4. Never disassemble or refit without permission

It is not safe to disassemble or refit without permission. It is very easy to cause fascia and muscle damage, and it will lead to cardiac arrest and shock.

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