When buying a massage gun should pay attention to what aspects?

by:SUNGPO     2020-12-22
Massage gun brand is numerous, diverse styles, let a person dazzling. Massage gun of choose and buy should check and see, three, four note, five medical. Massage is a check: check production gun enterprise related qualifications. Enterprise has a certain size, after-sale guarantee. Product quality certification, security certification to complete. Big brand security in many aspects, impressions, spring, panasonic, sanyo, rong tai, life power gun brands such as massage, should choose a massage commensurate with their guns. If it is too big or too small can't make massage my gun into the corresponding parts of the body. Because massage gun is mainly used to relax and care, so when the choose and buy should consider whether its function fully. Main attention should be paid to the following functions: 1, massage the body parts of the adjustment, speed adjustment, intensity adjustment function; 2, back chair, legs adjust automatically, leg supporting scaling; 3, posture, and leg massage pose and position adjustment; 4, massage width adjustment. By massage, it can dredge meridians, gets the blood circulation, to maintain the body balance of Yin and Yang, so after massage can feel the muscles relax, flexible joints, energizing, eliminate fatigue, to maintain a healthy body is important. Electric massage gun maintenance of chengdu in sichuan province where have sell massage gun? The price of high-grade massage gun usually at around ten thousand. Multifunctional massage how much gun, massage function of gun is not actually the more the better, ultimately depends on compatible or not. For more massage gun related knowledge, please baidu search massage small gun to pay! !
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