What's the difference between a massage and massage cushion for leaning on gun?

by:SUNGPO     2020-12-25
1. Use function: now on the market of massage gun to thousands of RMB is systemic, a full range of disposable massage from head to foot can solve various problems of the body, just a few minutes time body will easily, easily fatigue, which is now the fast pace of life people need products. Massage cushion for leaning on is moved more convenient, but we want to achieve the effect of massage, massage can only general mobility. 2. Price: many people will say that massage guns must be expensive, relative to the massage cushion for leaning on of a few hundred dollars can buy, the cheapest massage gun WuLiuQian, too, want to buy some of the brands. This problem is normal, actually on the market YiErBai dozens of pieces of massage, massage cushion for leaning on everywhere all have, we need to buy massage gun have certain economic base to buy comfortable massage guns. 3. Space problem: massage guns must occupy a certain space, as the housing space now, we need to set aside a little place to put it, a little massage cushion for leaning on is literally put the sofa, bed is no problem I also figure before it cheap massage cushion for leaning on, bought a try, the result is really uncomfortable. Later on the Internet for, see a lot of people mentioned this brand, is holding the psychological bought a try. Prices still afford to a little more than ten thousand, with feeling down is not the same! It is comfortable. I suggest, if we have a certain economic strength, can consider to buy a massage gun is placed in the home, so that the whole family can massage, massage and good gun the service life of at least 10 years is no problem, we can alleviate the fatigue of the body anytime and anywhere, the whole family stay comfortable and happy mood. Can have a massage cushion for leaning on of our home, so that we can move, carry can also go to different places. For more massage gun related knowledge, please baidu search massage small gun to pay! !
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