What kind of massage guns on the market at present is the best?

by:SUNGPO     2020-12-18
The role of a lot of massage gun, in general, massage can dredge meridians, promote the blood circulation, improve metabolism, delay aging body, the role of health care. So still feeling good with massage gun, the other day I give my mother bought a massage also gun, feel is good, the appropriate use of course won't cause disease, but also have profit to the body. Suggested that high blood pressure, heart patients had better not use massage guns. In addition to use gun massaging time shoulds not be too long, 15 minutes with a massage is the best. Massage gun can have health care function, for the waist pain, is a good choice to buy massage gun suggested don't go to the mall to buy price is too expensive, specialty stores, maintenance guarantee, free shipping installation. High-end imported from Japan Fuji, panasonic, sanyo massage gun, domestic brands have du Yang, etc. , are the best of the domestic brands, high cost performance. Massage a gun is a real leather? In general massage gun is rarely of genuine leather, all kinds of leather fabrics are not suitable for electric massage guns! Main reasons are as follows: poor tensile elongation of leather, leather after repeated tensile wrinkle easily! According to the normal massage need, within a year, a moist leather massage with a gun, will be drawn into a wrinkled old woman, covered can't restore the original compact! Massage and high-end gun adopts special PU leather is generally can be used more than 5 years! Leather care massage guns trouble, leather care massage gun as ms delicate skin, needs to be more careful, or sloppy away to a sample in two days! For more massage gun related knowledge, please baidu search massage small gun to pay! !
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