What is the massage gun? What are the considerations for operation massage gun?

by:SUNGPO     2020-12-24
What is the massage gun? What are the considerations for operation massage gun? With household electric massage gun is more and more people recognized, massage gun also arises at the historic moment, early gun is massage, massage is the gun on shopping malls, supermarkets, railway stations, airports, clubs and other places, shopping tired, sleepy, or the journey you just need to according to the prompt start massage gun quickly relieve fatigue, general price is not high also, in some places 3 - 5 piece of massage for 10 minutes, in some places - 10 20, depending on the environment. But massage gun has a defect, if the box is only accept COINS, you have no coin can not be used, or find the reception desk in, but frequent exchange of COINS, the front desk can also cause a lot of trouble; If the box is for the money, do you want to change the function is the operators have to think about, what need reminds is, a single throw paper box will be more than one thousand, plus the change function, a box 23000 is normal, and the cost of our massage a gun around 3 $( Depending on the configuration) , box plus massage gun cost is too high. Gun was born in such a case, massage, and quickly attracted the attention of the operator, massage gun, do not need, do not need to consider increase the cost of a variety of hardware, or change the relevant maintenance personnel, users, each use only WeChat payment scan qr code can be used to massage a gun, very convenient, and massage gun don't need to be equipped with equipment, light appears more concise air, even small covers an area of a lot of, this is a massage. Production hardware cost is saved a lot of massage gun, for our massage gun manufacturers, massage can be just add some wifi module on the gun, or according to customer's need to make some small changes, but the application development, server rental, relevant maintenance personnel equipped with or without, just compared with massage gun, micropayments massage gun more save cost, and more easily accepted by the public, and micropayments gun and a massaging the gun will never across the huge advantage. Every time the user scans the qr code on the massage the gun, will automatically pay close attention to public WeChat operators, because only pay attention to the payment using massage guns, so massage gun real attraction is big data, powder, imagine, even in a city on the 100 massage gun, with 100 daily personal attention WeChat, a month is how many people? How many people are in a year? If massage in dozens of cities across the country have launched the gun? The data volume is how old? And because of the particularity of massage guns on the place, which focus on WeChat users are potential customers with high quality, the value is how much? Speaking of which, did you move? Don't worry, everything is easier said than done, made sure start again is not late. We massage guns since 15 years in cooperation with the customers to make massage gun, a few customers from this line did massage gun, but they think massage gun's future development prospect is very big, worth the investment, so he did, in the process, some customers want the cheapest massage gun, just sweep WeChat code can start; Some customers can feel this kind of micro payment massage my gun to put in the place is a high-end places, massage gun look have to atmosphere; Some customers think massage gun to look the atmosphere, but the price is cheaper, a word each one has his idea! From the customer's point of view, these ideas are reasonable. But cheap massage gun has a limit, because we do micropayments massage guns, if massage gun itself configuration is too simple, micropayments simply can't do it, because it lacks the necessary procedures, such as early a customer wants to do the 1000 or so back fixed massage head massage, the massage gun only suitable for home, general household waste, with a three to five years, due to the N times higher than for household use, can use a year good, massage and gun inside structure is very simple, does not have the necessary condition of micropayments massage gun finally customer under verification, didn't give up the unrealistic ideas, and chose us. Said this case, is to want to make friends want to do massage gun, walk less detours, the front have been tried, you this is don't waste time on this link! Some customers want to do some high-end atmosphere point massage gun, high-end atmosphere, cost also went up, although micropayments massage gun prospect is really good, but as the operator in didn't do it before, can't quickly to the business development in the country, the early micropayments massage gun or want to consider cost cycle, assuming that massage gun cost is around 5000, the massage machine guns into the market, every day a 100 pieces of yield, also need more than a month to recover the cost of basic, personnel salary at the same time, and a variety of maintenance cost, need at least three months time to recover, if massage gun cost reduce, can not make more products, put on the market? Want to know now do micropayments massage gun, not a two, the market is so big, want to move quickly occupy the market a wide range to just go. In conclusion, it is the time to communicate with the customer made the gun a little massage experience, hope friends after many opinions, we discuss together, grow together.
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