What is the fascia? Massage gun using the principle is what?

by:SUNGPO     2020-08-29
Today, Lao wang once again bring the massage is a use of the gun. And now the popular products already is a common equipment, but before you can use it when we want to make sure it applies to us which parts of the body. Many of the people who use massage guns in use there is some misunderstanding, may think this is more on the muscles of the body, but in fact it is named massage gun, because it is more effect to the fascia in our body, and fascia is recently very fire a noun of society. A few years ago may be recovered, and recently is fascia. What is the fascia? We first must understand the fascia is a kind of what kind of organization, the movement of human body system, divided into bones, joints and muscles. Bone and joint constitute the human body skeleton, the muscle is to our movement power, then the fascia? Muscle fascia is wrapped in the surface of a layer of transparent thin film. Very obvious example is: everyone at the time of cooked chicken breast, can find the chicken breast is coated with a layer of thin film, very tough, this is one of the fascia. Our fascia around all around us every muscle, our youngest muscle, muscle fibers to the large muscles will be fascia wrapped. The fascia has what effect? Its main can restrict our muscle fibers, let's muscle fiber only in one direction, the direction of the constraint force, and at the same time it also can limit the spread of the inflammation in our muscles. For inflammation in the midst of a partial digestion and absorption, so fascia is vital for us. We are most familiar with fascia was divided into two categories, one is called the superficial fascia, and the other is called the deep fascia, deep fascia relatively far distance skin wrapped in our muscles, and let the muscle attachments above the bones. Superficial fascia in the surface layer of our skin. Fascia to relative sliding between the depth, because there are a lot of matrix between deep fascia, the substrate is composed of liquid, semi-solid and solid form. Is the matrix between the fascia usually have three kinds of form, when the present liquid matrix, depth of relative sliding between fascia will be very smooth. And if the transparent substrate has bias in semi-solid or solid form, will tend to be set. This will lead to the relative sliding between the fascia, deep fascia once produce synechia, everyone's movement can produce block. A lot of sports action do it may be difficult to complete, even the whole people feel very tired. That how to solve the fascia is blocked, the body tired? That we may choose the massage at ordinary times, or choose foam axis, but these are not all the time to accompany us, and foam shaft use because of its limitation to use some body needs us to lie on your back or stomach body, so the resulting massage gun, the use of massage gun will be very convenient, you can apply to our any muscle part of the body. Gun using the principle of massage: massage guns appear for people can bring effective fascia muscle relaxation and preheating, is now it is better to relax the muscle fascia products on the market. Massage gun two principles: 1, mechanical principle of mechanical effect described above what is fascia has said: if the fascia layer between the substrate into a solid, so too will seriously affect our movement and action, so how to make it from solid or semisolid back to liquid? We need to use some of the physical method, by high frequency vibration massage gun, for our deep fascia, the matrix effect between the gradually let the matrix from solid or semisolid tends to the density of its liquid. Once we matrix into liquid, return to the liquid, the depth between the fascia will produce very good sliding effects. Massage gun belt function: can use vibration let's fascia more depth process. 2, neural physiological effect principle when gun vibration massage function in our muscles, the muscles of the nerve receptors, tendon and muscle spindle spindle can feel the vibration effects, they came to the brain signals, the brain responds to our body's muscles to relax. So whether mechanical advantage or the advantage of the nerve, massage guns are our relaxation of choice. Reprint please indicate the: massage gun guide fascia is what? Massage gun using the principle is what? 5)
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