What is the difference between the prices are different massage gun?

by:SUNGPO     2020-12-18
In the drinking and talking are 'rush' to 'slow' as the theme of times, every person help overdraft body, every day to drag a weak body back into the 'norm'. Increasingly Yu Deren in inferior health, so health care physiotherapy massage gun chair more and more popular. However, massage gun dazzling, above the market price is also different. What is the difference between these massage gun? Is massage massage gun first, as the key effect and the comfortable degree of difference. 1 million cars and 50000 cars, for example, you can open, but open and sit feeling is very different. You can't hope to expensive massage gun can cause good results. A good massage is designed to accord with human body engineering principle of gun. Levels of massage guns mostly used in 3 d intelligent machine core, L long rail, manual shape detection, etc. , the body massage is very spacious, have the effect of health fitness. The second is the massage gun differences of the materials used. Massage guns often face USES the woodiness frame of difficult loss, poor quality leather and the high cost of motor affecting the service life of fitness chair. In addition, massage gun according to the head is very soft, maybe is plastic, or rubber, such as massage gun according to the head of general replaced by silica gel materials, elastic, wear-resisting, short service life is more and more bad, soft and mimics the pahang. Finally, massage gun technology content is different. In the fitness movement, massage gun generally USES 3 d massage machine, massage and gun of the technology of using fitness movement of the 2 d is declared or 3 d and 4 d movement. In the program of software, some low-end fitness chairs claimed to have dozens of massage program, to win the customer's attention. In programming, actually they are rough and therefore a natural science, fitness may cause damage to the human body. In the air, and the more the better, not massage massage guns must be comprehensive effect and the quality of the product design and layout of natural science balloon position, size and strength, hundreds of balloons, if layout is not appropriate, for the human body health not any effect. Massage guns have imported brands and domestic brands. The price of domestic massage gun range from 2 to 3000 to tens of thousands. Don't offer sale price is very cheap massage guns. Really, you get what you pay for, so domestic massage gun sex price is higher than low are 4 - 50000, despite the reduced the number of additional functions, but the effect, low cost, after-sales rate is very low, and not suitable for human body health. Thus imported brand price usually were above Yu Wanyuan massage guns, such as Japan Fuji AS1200 massage gun, using 3 d silica gel according to the head movement, guide the body place, fusion body pulse envelope, disorderly fitness extrusion, more and more committed to massage areas, are the strict control of product quality, service life is more and more short, after sale is more difficult, as indirect selling import brand, bad. Massage massage guns, in short, the effect is not bad, buy a massage cushion for bad. Massage gun have more and more bad experience, more and more short service life and more and more bad after-sales service, gradually become a family to sell massage gun. Next up: massage the gun itself an experience is more important: how to choose and buy massage gun?
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