What is the difference between homemade gun and import massaging the gun?

by:SUNGPO     2020-12-18
Along with the increase of the domestic market demand, massage gun get gradually complete, massage gun varieties produce class also more and more. Quite in the domestic price cheap massage gun, import massage gun price is also more than two or three times, and the applicable what differences between the two? Domestic brands massage gun transformation since 2003, the product will be bought from imitation to independent development of transformation, the appearance of the product innovation, the transformation of the machine and computer control part is dubious, because the material of its process technology, agreed to have the advantage of low price. In the domestic market has low market share. At present domestic imports of massage gun, important is the European and American gun series with Japan massaging the gun series. European and American series massage gun main characteristics depend on the appearance of luxurious air, massage movement range of durability, service life is short, the trouble-free circumstances can drive less than 3600 hours, the comprehensive life 2000 hours is also in line with international industry standards, to the United States brought kay as the main representative; Japanese massage gun has a long history, the integration of traditional Japanese shiatsu massage gun acupuncture point massage technique, the traditional medical massage massage guns and Japan gun, and other massage products for Chinese consumers. Domestic massage guns started late, but rapid development in the 21st century, after the independently developed stage counterfeit manufacturers, product appearance and performance obtained the obvious ascension, and therefore the current domestic low-end market of massage products main gun, gun and foreign imports of massage is also suitable for a certain distance, but will this distance in a rapid increase in recent years, therefore to sell when fitness chair, can feel the design is to expand the difference between the selection. Say so, and all is bad, not to say that foreign things above is made in China is also very famous, so consumers can according to their specific needs, contrast the differences between domestic gun and massaging the gun, choose suitable for their own massage gun type. Next up: buy a what kind of massage gun? A: no
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