What are the methods of choose and buy home massage gun?

by:SUNGPO     2020-12-18
For many on the workplace and make people work pressure above a certain impact to the whole people's state of mind, resulting in the face of form, a female friend is particularly difficult to accept that. The massage guns can help you relieve physical and mental, retrieving of mental state, shape the appearance of confidence care. Household massage guns though shape a seat sofa, but instead has to break the traditional seat of special significance. Lie in the following is a kind of enjoy, along with the rhythmic massage it for the body, stress and frustrations will weaken insidiously. Optional household massage gun, what are the specific methods? 1. According to the movement type choose massage gun movement refers to the device of robot hand includes the palm, manipulator control motor, it can steer right on the guide rail, for more than a body massage. 1. 2 d movement 2 d movement is for later use massage gun movement, commonly used in some of the old and technology is quite massage gun. Built inside the massage machine gun, according to the head can go around, marching under basically trajectory can be applied to the surface activity, poor and can't close to the human body curve in his back. 2. 3 d movement in massage gun manipulator to physical fitness will keep the ground under the left and right sides, back and forth, since the change of fitness sites. Thus combined with 3 d two words, is refers to the manipulator will spread around, marching through the opening and closing motor fitness very spacious, so 3 d movement is the mainstream of massage gun installation. 3. 4 d movement 4 d movement is on the basis of 3 d movement to enhance the speed control, make the fitness rhythm is more and more close to the people, the technique as the experienced old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine. You can put it read the updated version for 3 d movement, more personalized. Many people believe that 4 d movement is purely reduces the audio, is actually the right cognition. Choose Tips: 1, 2 d movement massage gun has gradually been market exit, also enough comfortable degree, in this not do recommend. Second, the conditions of family often jump to choose 3 d movement of massage a gun, this also is to cater to the current trend. Three, to desire for more and more beautiful massage, condition good massage can select 4 d movement. Especially spinoza gun very comfortable massage. Next up: household use massage gun the note on a: buy a what kind of massage gun?
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