What are the functions of multi-function massage gun?

by:SUNGPO     2020-12-26
General massage gun function is as follows: the product can set up a set of walking up and down, four-wheel drive, ultra-quiet design of intelligent robot, imported movement, according to the human body engineering design, sit lie comfortable massage, make massage gun effect is better. Kneading, pounding, fashion, refers to the pressure, slapping, kneading pounding synchronous six kinds of simulation massage technique. Set the upper part of the five kinds of automatic massage program ( General relief, neck and shoulder stretches, pain relief, eliminate fatigue) 。 Set the upper part of the manual massage function: a full, partial, fixed point is that kind of choice, 6 kinds of methods each have five speeds. When pat, refers to the pressure, knocks massage, massage ball, narrow in width, the width of three block choice; In back fixed point mode, massage can be adjusted upward and downward to the massage points accurately. Set the lower air pressure massage function, built-in 36 airbags, equipped with three kinds of air pressure massage mode, weak second gear. Vibration massage function: back, hip, foot shock branch switch second choice. Configuration utility arm massager, namely in the cushion for leaning on can be used as a back massage. Music synchronization massage: equipped with high fidelity stereo headphones, MP3 players are free to download songs, set up, stop, played, a song, the next song, volume, massage technique according to the rhythm of music. Functions: automatically set up leg up and down, up four kinds of automatic lifting function such as sit, lie down. Set the calf down when encountering the foreign body automatic separation mechanism. The machine configuration VFDS color screen display, MP3 player. Better brand is as follows:, sanyo, Fuji, hao zhonghao and so on. Massage a gun is a real leather? In general massage gun is rarely of genuine leather, all kinds of leather fabrics are not suitable for electric massage guns! Main reasons are as follows: poor tensile elongation of leather, leather after repeated tensile wrinkle easily! According to the normal massage need, within a year, a moist leather massage with a gun, will be drawn into a wrinkled old woman, covered can't restore the original compact! Massage and high-end gun adopts special PU leather is generally can be used more than 5 years! Leather care massage guns trouble, leather care massage gun as ms delicate skin, needs to be more careful, or sloppy away to a sample in two days! For more massage gun related knowledge, please baidu search massage small gun to pay! !
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