What are the common types commonly home massage gun?

by:SUNGPO     2020-12-18
As people living standard unceasing enhancement, the health is more seriously, and household massage gun as in recent years is the hot curing equipment, and convenience for the people. Can effectively improve the body fatigue, let the stress relaxation of body and mind. So full of beautiful things in eyes of massage gun brand on the market. Are new to this industry, they don't know what type massage gun? And how to choose. Now let's to concrete is introduced. For the junior learning and reference. One, zero gravity capsule type massage gun by science we know to outer space there is no gravity, the object will float in the sky. And zero gravity massage capsule gun is simulated weightlessness down massage, its unique design of deck chair body disperses pressure on the body, let a person in a relaxed state, again through the pneumatic impact extrusion massage, can improve the effect of health care keeping in good health. At the same time can give a person a kind of like the warm feeling like in the cradle. Improve the quality of sleep. Second, the partial type massage guns sometimes is not to say that the massage place more good oh, according to the actual situation to decide. Just like the old bone is not as strong as young people, is relatively loose. And spinal ligaments around in a state of relaxation, massage the whole body massage gun range is wide, if not used correctly, can lead to some bad situation. Like the bosom is frowsty, paralysis of limbs, etc. So suggest older people choose local muscle massage equipment. And more flexible to use. Three, the whole body massage massage guns on the market at present a lot of gun belongs to the type of a body massage. Lying on the massage the gun can use operation panel or controller to adjust the Angle of the chair, massage strength, etc. Airbag massage package body parts. Let get very physical and mental pressure, massage is quite comfortable. A young office worker. Improve the waist sour backache. Tired a day's feet to relax. Actually massage gun has a variety of types, like a miniature, intelligent, with heat effect and so on, each one is not here. Next up: how to clean maintenance massage on a gun: spinoza pedicure machine, health new choice!
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