What are the choice of error electric massage a gun

by:SUNGPO     2020-12-17
Because don't know a lot of people electric massage gun, when buy so it is easy to lead long to walk in the sales staff, or have some misunderstanding. The choice of electric massage gun what mistake? Let's look at. Massage massage gun manufacturers myth: domestic gun than foreign although domestic massage industry started later than Japan, but in the rapid development in the 2000 years or so, especially in the last decade, domestic massage gun industry has made great progress, got a lot of technology patents. Erroneous zone 2: gun used for the elderly massaging the gun is a family to decorate, buy furniture not K lack of software products, a lot of people think, massage gun Z in the elderly with products. Is not under the condition of young people, a massage is a kind of gun S relief. A hard day's work, for the next few years after appropriate kneading massage, it will be refreshed. Erroneous zone 2: massage massage strength is bigger, the better is not the bigger the better. S first, excessive force may cause vertebrae dislocation. 。 Second, if overweight, and for a long time may cause local muscle stiffness, easier to form a strain, it is difficult to improve. Many people believe that the early strength is very good, according to a few times feeling strength is not enough, in fact, it is not power, but a local muscle fatigue, reduce sensitive to pain. Guangdong massage gun manufacturers next: with massage practical gun? A: high and low massage massage guns gun gap in where
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