Using massage gun for foot massage to relax

by:SUNGPO     2020-09-04
In excessive energy consumption, this work some of them have work, run, play and the gym, etc. Back to home, make a plate of hot bubble foot, can be its own fatigue to disperse, let himself very quickly to rest, to restore physical and mental is very necessary, it and go to massage shop for a foot massage to relax the same. Foot massage by pressing vola points or the ones in order to achieve blood circulation as the main goal. And being replaced by the use of artificial massage gun, know the role of massage gun is deep muscle massage to ease, in order to achieve the purpose of accelerating the circulation of the blood. The use of massage head is a very good deal with requirements from different parts of the human body. Want to use a gun for a foot massage massage, cylindrical is good massage head can cope with single point massage, as long as you can find the corresponding acupuncture point on the sole of his feet. Of course if your foot is more sensitive, spherical massage head is a good choice. But not on the relaxation effect of cylinder head so fast. Specific steps foot massage is: first use a spherical massage head massage guns to warm up the bottom of your feet, and then use cylindrical massage head massage to ease further. Reprint please indicate the: massage massage gun gun guide used for foot massage to relax 12)
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