Using a different part of body massage guns the right way to massage to ease

by:SUNGPO     2020-09-03
Massage gun is exercise partner of the rise in recent years, its use need not deep pressure can relax, common body ache to repel them one by one. Looks like 'drills' massage gun, the main principle is through the high frequency vibration, stimulate the sore muscle and fascia, promote the blood circulation, to achieve the effect of relaxation. Not only can be used before and after exercise, the modern people love to play mobile phone, sedentary office worker, service stations throughout the day, lack of physical activity, easy to cause muscle fascia with pleurodesis, stiff neck, waist sour backache, can use massage gun to improve. Lao wang is in view of the common sore body below, use the operating massage guns can help us to relax. Stiff neck? Sitting before the computer, the neck in a tight state for a long time, from the edge of cervical spine to the shoulder peak is very tight, massage gun can slowly knock down muscle direction, with comfortable give priority to, don't deep pressure. Lao wang in [ How to use massage gun to shoulder muscles relax massage method] The article has a detailed introduction to use gun to neck massage massage method, interested friends can go and have a look. It is worth noting: cervical blood vessels is fragile, do not massage neck directly. Chest tightness? Computer desk before long, play mobile phone, can cause chest muscle group long-term austerity, feel chest distress, to moderate stretch, to restore muscle elasticity. And fitness habits, like the person who exercise chest muscle, massage can also use gun to stretch, reduce ache. Specific detailed use method, we can walk [ The role of massage gun: release the chest muscle group] 。 Low back pain? Long-term bad posture to waist sour backache, can massage on both sides of spinal muscles to relax. This part is the surface of the muscle, do not need to press too deep, to avoid knock to the spinal cord, should be replaced with Y type massage head. In [ The right way to relax back muscles] use massage gun The article Lao wang also has a special explanation. Ass acid? Lao wang actually USES massage gun on hips loose solution in [ Use how to do hip massage to relax massage gun? ] There is also introduced in detail. But still want to mention here, because often sticky motionless in his chair, hip oppressed will cause soreness. Through massage to relieve hip muscles, the muscles of the thicker, for sore point can convert conical head deep massage, but not hard pressure. Leg acid? Like repeatedly bend your knees to do exercise, such as running, biking, hiking, etc. , of the lateral thigh easily acid bilges, knee appear even burning pain, can use massage to relax the iliotibial band gun, reduce sports injuries. We can learn more about massage gun for the massage to relax here [ Massage gun use tutorial: thigh muscle relaxation methods before and after 。 Not only physical therapist massage therapist with love, even the gym coach and middle-aged uncle in shout praise! Gym trainer said: I worked as a personal coach, daily activity is very big, on Sunday to play basketball with my friends. In the know massage on muscle relaxation is given priority to, not to aim at the pain. Gun, the year before, when I come into contact with the massage movement before and after use, the emphasis is on is not very good relax the neck, hips, and thighs and lower leg quadriceps muscle before, a sore point about solutions for 30 seconds, with a 5 ~ 10 minutes every time, energy and time. Down over the past two years, feel muscle soreness situation improved obviously, if the guest take the initiative to ask about my relaxation method, my fitness instructor is willing to share this massage to ease artifact. Middle-aged uncle said: I will play basketball two or three times a week, a little older, muscle recovery slower, two, three days after the pain obviously, especially the leg inside and outside are not feeling well, need to ask his wife to help massage, spend a lot of time, after the massage with the gun, to knock a few minutes after playing sports, convenient and save Labour, massage efficiency is very high, for work busy I couldn't be better, after all, no time often go to the blind massage shop. There have been several played the ball back to forget massage, as a result, sore and ran out, can I survive without it. Because it's too good, I also send the mother a together, she help I just one full year of life full of children, carrying a grandson lumbar acid, often at home watching TV can while massage, just say: good! It is worth noting that the following conditions unfavorable use massage gun: pregnant women osteoporosis patients with heart diseaseheart disease, patients with trauma patients body surface wear apparatus for medical device or cardiac pacing electronic equipment by the doctor advised fully-fit or feeling unwell reprint please indicate the: massage using different part of body massage gun gun guide the right way to massage release 6)
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