Use the right way to relax back muscles massage gun

by:SUNGPO     2020-08-25
Massage today to bring us how to use the gun to the back muscles massage to relax. Generally, when we were in the relaxation of back muscle group has two parts, one is our the latissimus dorsi, another is the sma nut. For long term with thoracic kyphosis sma nut will have some nervous, so use massage of tension gun sma nut has certain solution, just like we yawn. Difficult to really but yawn will whole deep spinal muscles to ease off, now we need to use massage to a gun. To say is, above can use massage gun sma XieJian. For the latissimus dorsi, its position in the whole back is a very broad area, as such a large muscle groups, usually only applies to some of our rib movements, such as pull remote objects to the body, usually in the latissimus dorsi dominated. All in all, will be key for everyone to use massage gun in the two pieces of massage to relax the muscles. Massage massage massage shaft sma by gun gun relax back when we first meet what is vertical spinal muscular. Sma said vertical may be a lot of people are not very familiar with, but we see the tenderloin sma is vertical. So is the need to release on both sides of the spine. Sma sma vertical location map in loose vertical, you need to massage head replacement for the u-shaped spear gun. U point can be perfect to avoid spinal spines, and muscle for the spine. Vertical spinal muscular growth of pelvis back from below, has been to head back up the spine. We focus on release of back shaft sma from thoracic part to the lumbar area. Will open with a u-shaped massage head massage gun to second amplitude, slide down along the spine by hand, and find the stress of the massage gun point, then massage. Shaft sma general massage time control in each group 3 minutes or so. Above gun massaging the latissimus dorsi is through massage to release of shaft sma, gun below for how to handle the latissimus dorsi. The latissimus dorsi partial lateral position is located in the back. The latissimus dorsi from thoracic lumbar to pelvis back, and side direction along the body muscle fibers to go straight ahead to the shoulder joint, the latissimus dorsi is the body's biggest fan area. The latissimus dorsi locations due to most people the latissimus dorsi is relatively thin, through muscle straight contact met ribs, so the gun with massage comb the latissimus dorsi, cannot choose excessive strong amplitude and sharp massage head, so choose a relatively elastic massage head. Release the latissimus dorsi, we start with thoracic segment gradually to the body the lateral position of the shoulder joint to comb. Then start from scratch, only the starting point a little move down a little. Because the whole area is larger, the latissimus dorsi need uniform will be sorted out the entire muscle fibers. If the massage comb the latissimus dorsi point, there is too much pain for the pain massage area for 30 seconds. Well above is what we are using different spear gun and massaging the gun, the vertical ridge of the back muscles and the latissimus dorsi right massage method. Reprint please indicate the: massage USES massage gun gun's guide to the right way to relax back muscles 10)
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