Use of massage in fractures

by:SUNGPO     2020-06-05
A) Characteristics of a fracture: 1. Patient experiences pain over bone fractured and in surrounding area. Severity of pain depends upon extent of fracture and is usually unbearable. 2. There could be swelling around fracture area. 3. Complete involving movement of a part of body where bone is fractured. Forcible movement may lead to severe pain. 4. Hairline fractures usually do not present any of sign and symptoms mentioned above plus they are difficult to diagnose clinically. 5. Radiological investigation like X-ray makes diagnosis clear, even a hairline crack. Vertebral fracture can also be diagnosed with help of Ctscan/MRI. 6. Vertebral fracture due to severe trauma like accident usually result in severe pain which enable it to present as medical emergency with loss of consciousness etc particularly when neck region is involved. 7. Some patients may feel pain over fractured area/bone during cold or pain after heavy work involving fractured area etc, even after her death healing of fracture takes place. B) Aims of massage: 1. Though massage can hardly play any role in the fracture due to severity of pain, role of massage is important the actual pain subsides or possibly less in intensity and bearable. Massage is also important after the fracture has healed tremendously. 2. The vital aim of massage is to nourish the bone which includes been fractured and aid the healing process, so that strength and stability is restored quickly after healing. 3. Massage will aid in qualitatively good healing of fracture and therefore will reduce possibility of patient experiencing any kind of pain over fractured bone in future. 4. Increased blood supply due t o massage will bring about reduced swelling and also in regaining of movements due to increased flexibility and endurance. C) Process of massage: 1. Body area in order to become massaged: Though local massage over involved area is sufficient, complete massage is sensible to reduce stress over other parts of the body. 2. Direction of massage movements: Direction of massage movements in order to opposite to direction in which fracture have occurred, rrn order that even minute bone particles will will also get properly aligned and heel fracture rapidly making bone strong as before. 3. Useful massage tips: * Pressure during massage should be adjusted are anticipated to grow patients strength of bearing pain. Usually massage in order to be started with light pressure and gradually increase induce. Avoid more friction. * Much less 25-30minutes of massage ought to given over fractured area so that oil properly reaches as much bones and nourish them restoring their strength. * Oil should be warm system of restorative massage. D) Associated with different oils for massage: 1. Oil that will nourish bones in our bodies should be employed for massage like sesame oil, coconut oil, almond oil and more. 2. Also, during preparation of oil, medicines like bark of Terminalia arjuna, or herbs like sida cordifolia, abutilon indicum linn. Etc as also milk, black sesame etc can be added enhance the potency of oil for nourishment of bones and increasing their strength and total amount. fracture massage
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