Use massage guns help improve headache, neck shoulder pain, shoulder pain

by:SUNGPO     2020-09-06
Shoulders and neck pain, back muscles, frozen shoulder, Periarthritis of shoulder) Is pulling, etc. , sedentary office worker's most common case. Anyone at first only neck shoulder pain, as a result, the next head more pain? This all because of muscle has excessive pulling or skew, but we don't know, by the time the attack can only go to massage. But sometimes he is too busy, simply can't afford the time, or didn't have a good massage, but pain index rising at this moment, what should I do? So we have to depend on oneself! Now a massage gun can play loose neck muscles, about 3 minutes to have obvious effect, is meets the requirements. And still can carry away, can at any time convenient to relax. When no one can massage, massage muscles gun really need. Where ache is the gun on the massage, relaxed eliminate fatigue, relieve the pain. In gymnasium is very popular recently, many coaches in students with massage gun after motion is often help stretch and relax. Rely on high speed vibration device to relieve fascia and muscle, promote blood circulation and blood flow, almost every player can buy a. Combined with light weight and don't make so much noise, no one in the middle of the night on which massage is very good! Massage gun most will match on four massage head, different parts for replacement. In addition to the difficult to massage his back, other place can solve, do not need to plug, a charge can take 30 minutes walk! Use a shoulder massage massage gun method 1. Rotating arm is fixed to the first position. Then, open the massage machine before physical contact. 2. Put on the shoulder/neck massage machine, carefully moving up to 30 seconds in the area of the sore muscles added updates ( 2020. 6. 1) : Lao wang will be held today in detail before using role neck massage gun are posted: gun how to use massage shoulder muscles relax massage method reprint please indicate the: massage USES massage gun gun's guide to help improve the headache, neck shoulder pain, shoulder pain method. 5)
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