Use how to do leg foot massage to relax massage gun?

by:SUNGPO     2020-08-28
Today how to use massage to bring us the gun triceps leg massage to ease. Leg triceps just as its name implies is that by three biceps and, but in fact it is divided into two parts. Located in the gastrocnemius and soleus in deep and shallow. Said the two muscles in our leg back, its movement is mainly responsible for our ankle, likes jumping, for example, like skipping rope, so this time when every takeoff, crus muscle is to complete the contract accordingly. And whether is it rode a bike to the track and field running, crus are indispensable in muscle group. We will find a lot of track and field athlete's legs are very long and thin. But many ordinary people of the lower leg is very thick. It has a part is there is a certain relationship with his calf muscle tension, so today we will learn how to use massage to ease our gun crus, to improve our calf blood circulation phenomenon, also can go to our calf for certain plastic effect. So to say here is: gun massaging the crus muscle shape can be to us, we can improve our calf muscles, but not for the legs to reduce weight! 1. Crus muscle group and the distribution of gastrocnemius soleus again first let's look at the distribution of calf muscles! The starting point of the calf muscles position from our entire bulging bottom can grow and fiber has been down across our knees, crossed legs, across the ankle. Terminate our bone at the location. And soleus from calf under the direction of growth, after crossing the ankle joint, the surface is our calf muscles and deep is the soleus, so we will release the first in the process of release of the surface of gastrocnemius muscle in the release of our deep soleus. 2. Relax the point release should pay attention to shaping the calf massage legs need to be aware of when you can't hit to our leg knee joint. Pay attention to avoid the leg knee joint, tibia and Achilles tendon position is very important, remember! 3. Use a hand gun massaging leg techniques cover knee joint is in the upper leg, and open another massage only holding a gun to a location. The slow to heel by in the direction. When close to the location of the Achilles tendon, can stop the massage. Because our main purpose is the muscle belly red part of muscle, so we use massage comb is close to the location of the Achilles tendon, gun can appropriate to stay. Massage in massage to let gun always perpendicular to the surface of the lower leg. In the massage to ease the calf, have too much pain, then we need to stay on the pain spot, residence time of 30 seconds or so can! When we surface of crus all comb again, after finished the calf massage to relax. Because the calf muscles tense degree is higher, so we will replace with point massage, deep extent in order to lower the gastrocnemius and soleus completely relax massage! Well, above is all in daily movement, USES massage gun complete certain release massage on his leg. Reprint please indicate the: massage USES massage gun gun guide how to do leg foot massage to relax? 5)
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