Use how to do hip massage to relax massage gun?

by:SUNGPO     2020-08-31
To use gun for human hip muscles relax massage massage is not a can be done, must seek another to match can help you to relax. Hip is located in the middle and lower parts, human body in the rear of the pelvis. And our glutes is also a single piece of the biggest muscle in the body, is also a source of strength of lower limbs. In many run, climb stairs and jumping movement, is the participation of the hips. There is no matter like mountain climbing or is like running or the gym to exercise, these are the movement process of lower limb movement, coxal muscle more or less will be involved. And a powerful hips plump and very helpful for movement. Movement in the process, will inevitably lead to our glutes and glutes deeper piriformis cause part of tight more damage risk exists. So, when they appear nervous and spasm, our whole pelvic stability and lower limb movement will be affected, so today is how to use massage to massage to relax our whole gun coxal muscle group. Before using massage massage hip gun, first to know about the glutes and the location of the position of the piriformis glutes human glutes starting location in our partial lateral position of the sacrum, muscle fiber position along the oblique body within the lateral growth, ending the most in the us leg femur after partial lateral, so the whole glutes muscle fibers are along the direction to grow outside introversion, from inside to outside of the body beneath the body. When we were in the use of gun massaging the release, will need to follow the muscle fiber to do massage. Piriformis position it on the outside of our hip big rotor and sacrum and partial the central positions of attachment, and so on with massage gun relaxing piriformis, exerting strength slightly vertical complete release. Massage with massage gun how hip glutes and piriformis? Attention! We should follow the glutes muscle fibers to complete solution, and piriformis located in deeper glutes, it from sacral grow up to the outside of the hip bone position ( Commonly known as 'rotor') 。 Its fixed position is probably at the point of the sacrum and big rotor wire position. Because of its location is deeper, so at the time of relaxation piriformis will choose more sharp and deep massage head to complete relaxation. First of all, to massage massage guns ready, and then use the palm of your hand find the sacrum after partial position. Because after partial position of the sacrum bone is more, once the massage head hits the bones will appear very strong jumping the gun, and will hurt the bone, so in order to avoid the above situation, you need to hand in advance to find the location of the sacrum. Glutes muscle fibers is relatively later, so choose the amplitude frequency is higher than some massage a gun. We can massage the gun on the gear mass higher consumptions, massage head for flat head. When find the location of the sacrum, then massage with our palms, gun down the glutes muscle fibers to complete sports massage back thigh. When approaching glutes end can complete close reduction, in turn, from inside to outside area. If we are in the process of glutes relaxation, find some point very pain, have ones? The massage head must be replaced to force more fully sharp massage head, head of the contact area is relatively small. Next, we can be targeted to glutes (position of complete relaxation, time for 30 seconds. Will the glutes release after complete, and the need for piriformis massage to relax. We need to find the outside of the hip bone position, and find the sacrum. Between two points is the piriformis, we fixed point downward. With massage the weight of the gun itself and a little pressure, let gun more deep massage to stimulate the piriformis. Because out of position by piriformis is deep, so we have to be in after massage to relax the glutes, can try to use massage to relax deeper piriformis gun. If feel the amplitude is not enough, we just need more massage again gun gear, and then complete stimulation on piriformis and relax. Ok, that is how to use massage to relax our hip gun glutes and deeper piriformis method. Reprint please indicate the: massage USES massage gun gun guide how to do hip massage to relax? 3)
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