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Ultrasonic Beauty Equipment

Ultrasonic Beauty Equipment


Ultrasonic beauty device makes your skin more suitable for summer.Many girls who love beauty should be familiar with ultrasonic beauty equipment.But do you really it?Next I will introduce this product to let you know more about this product.

Used with high frequency ultrasonic importing technology,decompose the serum into quantum grade that can be much easier permeated into dermis.Safety and usable to sensitive skin.

The ultrasonic beauty instrument has three characteristics:

1. Promote the penetration and absorption of skin care products. Use of high-frequency vibration of ultrasonic waves can miniaturize the larger-molecular care ingredients, exert penetration force, and penetrate the nutrients of skin care products into the dermis layer of the skin, allowing the skin to absorb more nutrients.

2. Help skin cleansing and improve skin metabolism. Ultrasound has strong power and energy, acting on the face can cause skin cells to vibrate, produce a fine massage effect, change the cell volume, thereby improving local blood and lymph circulation, enhancing cell permeability, and stimulating the nervous system and Cell function.

3. Promote cell activation and increase collagen.Stimulate the proliferation of collagen and elastin in the dermis, activate skin cell tissue, and make the skin look softer and more elastic, firm and elastic.

Four lights photon skin care—Multiple light functions therapy

Red light wave(length:640nm):Permeates the skin 1—6mm.effect to skin cell regeneration,promotion blood circulation,and activation of active ingredients,At the same time,it stimulates collagen increase.

Yellow light wave(length:583nm):Permeates the skin 1—2mm,it has a good effect to relieve redness.

Blue light wave(length:423nm):Permeates the skin 1mm,killing acne bacteria,relief of  acne scars,allergic dermatitis,relief of pain.

Green light wave(length:532nm):Permeates the skin 0.5—2mm.cooling skin.

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