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Ultrasonic Beauty Apparatus

Ultrasonic Beauty Apparatus


What are the functions and functions of the ultrasonic beauty instrument?

Most of the effective ingredients in skin care products are organic macromolecules, which are difficult to penetrate the human body's natural screen-the epidermis in a natural state. Simply apply at home. Nourishment can only be applied to the surface of the skin. Nourishment can get in, no matter how good it is My skin care products also won't work.

The ultrasonic beauty instrument can penetrate the nutrients of skin care products into the dermis layer of the skin, allowing the skin to absorb more nutrients. Let's introduce the function and efficacy of the ultrasonic beauty instrument.

1. Function of Ultrasonic Beauty Apparatus:

A. Mechanical action (beauty method): Ultrasound has strong power and energy, acting on the face can cause skin cells to vibrate, produce a fine massage effect, change the cell volume, thereby improve the circulation of local blood and lymph, and strengthen the cells The permeability improves the metabolism and regeneration of the tissue, softens the tissue, stimulates the nervous system and cell function, and makes the skin shiny and elastic.

B. Warming effect: The warming effect of ultrasound can increase the temperature of the skin surface, accelerate blood circulation, increase the nutrients of skin cells, reduce nerve excitability, play an analgesic effect, and relax spasm muscle fibers. Play the role of antispasmodic. Ultrasound heat is endogenous heat, 79% to 82% of the heat is carried away by the blood self-acting area, and 18% to 21% is dispersed to adjacent tissues by heat conduction. Therefore, the patient has no obvious heat sensation. Chemical effect: Ultrasound can strengthen the catalytic ability, accelerate the metabolism of skin cells, change the pH value of the tissue to the alkaline direction, and reduce the acidosis and pain associated with skin inflammation. Ultrasound can improve the permeability of cell membranes, depolymerize nutrients and drugs, and help the skin absorb nutrients.

Facilitate the penetration of the drug into the bacteria and improve the sterilization ability.

C. Side effects (notes when using)

The degree of heat of the probe does not represent the output power of the sound wave. Too much heat can burn the skin; if the concentration is too low, the liquid medicine should not be directly penetrated, otherwise it will cause skin dryness. When using, the probe cannot pass through the eyeball and the upper eyelid cannot be massaged; Cannot be used by pregnant women and patients with severe heart disease.

2. Function of Ultrasonic Beauty Apparatus

Soften thrombus and eliminate "red face". It is used for facial redness and erythema caused by deformation of facial microvessels, blood circulation disorders, and facial erythema or rosacea caused by mite infection.

3. Instructions for use of ultrasonic beauty instrument:

1. Clean the facial skin, and then steam the noodles with a sprayer for ten minutes.

2. Gently pat all parts of the face with astringent to absorb, so that the skin can be thoroughly disinfected and optimally protected.

3. Apply the essence evenly on the face, subject to the flexible rotation of the sound head during operation.

4. Turn on the power, select the appropriate output socket, and connect the ultrasound probe.

5. Press the power switch to adjust the power level

6. Adjust the appropriate time, generally 15 minutes.

Ultrasound technology has been widely used in the beauty equipment industry, and many large beauty salons have also purchased advanced ultrasonic technology beauty equipment for women’s beauty needs. For many home beauty equipment, choose safe and reliable ultrasound. For a series of beauty equipment, we still have to choose equipment produced by professional beauty equipment manufacturers, a brand worthy of everyone’s trust.

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