Theragun G3PRO massage with gun which is better?

by:SUNGPO     2020-09-08
Spend a lot of money to buy some before massage appliances, massage chair, massage waist, leg massage machine machine and so on, finally obtains the massage guns. Found a lot of good massage gun, in addition to more muscle relaxation effect, can receive a good very does not occupy a space in the home, don't need to move a location to place it, and on the basic of big muscle group, shoulders back limbs can be used, not like some massage appliances can only by the legs or the limitations of the waist. Get back to business, then into the pit, have been domestic massage gun agitation, so Lao wang also follow to proceed with the first G3PRO, heard that the massage strength is very strong, there are all kinds of massage head can be replaced. Itself with a locker, so also need not worry where it will receive. Massage the gun itself and massage head, a total of 6 massage head, is a hard plastic, I most like the upper right of the round diamond head, massage a wide and comfortable. . Lead to the adjustable Angle function is not very helpful to me and back or asking other people for help is better. Hit the feeling is very strong, have good control of the strength of the sag, it is comfortable to massage. Another downside is that it is run very loudly, I totally did not dare to use, after more than 10 PM because here pretty quiet at night in the home, very worried about with the noisy neighbors. Later start Plus: is a massage gun is famous brand, than a little bit cheaper, see some people say that the second generation was a blow to the general public to use are not strong, I like blow itself heavy feeling, so I went to try the Plus version, hit the sense not to lose, and work not only quieter, pick it up and more lighter. Plus website to buy in the United States did not attach the bin, but have to send with other domestic agent to buy DiHe also more than one year warranty! Has a total of five massage head, personal feel massage head, though less than, but the variability of the fight is more, the air cushion soft head the most special, playing near the bone will not uncomfortable ( Fight with three round head not much difference to me ha ha ha) Down to the bottom of the main switch in the entire massage gun. Can adjust the section number behind another switch, and indicator lights. Here directly organize Plus gun which good with massage, the individual subjective feeling, only supplies the reference: 1, the two brands are used should be able to find in the fight against feeling is quite obvious, blow Plus feeling slightly better, more than the function of pressure detection, the muscle layer is very thick very need to hit the spot, may like Plus; And no fitness the muscle layer thickness, the second generation were more comfortable; 2, again to be sound, really quiet a lot, of course, not completely silent, still have certain operation volume, small quietly buzz buzz, but at least the night be noisy to use less to worry about neighbours, use for a long time also won't feel too noisy ears uncomfortable. Is 3, in addition to this Angle can be adjusted, can adjust, make the waist than in areas such as the convenience, but it weighs a lot behind to hand to hold but not feeling well, and is too heavy and can't play too long, so can change point of the part instead of little help for being a woman, usually playing behind the site, or would you please family for help. Reprint please indicate the: massage G3PRO gun guide and Plus massage gun which is better? 2)
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