The working principle of the gun manufacturers teach you massaging the gun

by:SUNGPO     2020-12-18
Massage massage gun gun manufacturers principle is to use mechanical rolling force and mechanical force extrusion for massage, artificial massage can good to main and collateral channels, make blood flow and maintain the function of the body balance, so after massage can feel the muscles relax, flexible joints, energizing, play an important role for health. Gun manufacturers tell you choose massaging the gun need to consider various factors, the core component of massage gun of main machine core, guide, machine, material, etc. , a massage gun mainly depends on the quality of these main components: the quality of the motherboard motherboard can be said to be the brain massage gun, used to massage gun control programs, the operation of the power supply, pneumatic valve motor carrier, through the massage hand gun controller transfer orders, by the motherboard to accept and issue instructions to the chair of the massage device, thus carries on the massage movement, is one of the important components. The stand or fall of a massage gun, not only depends on its external function is much, material is good, but also to see whether he humanized massage program, program experience degree is high. Stopwatch massage gun is tie-in manipulator device and control manipulator motors, it can be free to walk on the guide rail, according to the guide rail length of human body back and hip massage manipulator. Currently on the market movement mainly for 2 d and 3 d movement. 2 d movement is one of the first generation of movement, equipped with this kind of massage machine gun the massage head can only be from top to bottom and move around, is a 2 d plane movement, this movement because it was only in the planar motion, not good back curve of joint human body, massage can be hard. 3 d movement is the mainstream configuration, massage a gun before and after the massage head can up and down, left and right sides, exercise, exercise before and after are implemented through a telescopic motor, this movement is a three-dimensional movement, so that you can curve of joint human body back, massage depth, strength of moderate size. Above is spinoza help you tidy arrangement would like to know more information please enter know more related content next article: household massage gun how an article on the maintenance: the difference between low and high massage guns, different price different massage gun
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