The use of household massage gun maintenance strategy

by:SUNGPO     2020-12-18
Now changed people's health consciousness, people's living condition is getting better and better, more and more family will have one or two pieces of household massage guns and other type of equipment, because the household can be full-body massage massage gun. Can change the flow of blood in the body, to change the body of sub-health state, maintain a healthy body. How to correctly use massage gun? You know the exact steps of the massage use gun? Below we will come and take you home massage gun manufacturers understand understand. Before using massage gun, there are some taboos, should not be used when too full, because it is bad for the stomach digestion, inappropriate USES massage gun after drinking. After half an hour in the use of massage. In the case of physical fatigue, unfavorable use massage guns. Use massage gun, you can adjust the massage guns make it flat and put it in a massage on the gun. Choose a quiet body position. Then massage, close your eyes and rest for a minute or two, don't let the body with, and then select what you want to massage mode, massage guns have different massage technique, through finger pressing different functions, such as swinging, kneading massage and shaking body parts, until the body feel change, massage can end. After the massage, you can continue to lying on the massage the gun rest, could also benefit from massage on the gun, massage gun is reset. Want to know other information please go to the next article: how to choose a comfortable massage gun? In an article: how to choose the home massage gun
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