The United States and massage gun which is better?

by:SUNGPO     2020-09-01
Don't know what you know about massage gun how many such products? Massage guns in addition to the previously mentioned in the article, its functions are: we produce lactic acid accumulation in sports after and fascia adhesion, massage gun by high frequency vibration effect in deep muscle and fascia, to eliminate pain and help restore the function of the soft tissue. It is a traditional foam on function and efficiency of shaft and dolphins massager product, can't than, so today Lao wang has two product, both in sales and word of mouth good massage gun products two star classes: and, respectively. This two brands are American brands massage gun, they all have their own patents, research and development of their own design. First look at the massage gun, this product is the benchmarking products in this category, massage gun introduce domestic brand. Now, as long as it is star are basically choose massage gun. Is this product publicity and word of mouth is good. Look again at this massage a gun, this massage guns that it is smaller and lighter than some in hand, look from the appearance, the product also has a lot of similarities, I look at the main difference. 1. Massage gun handle part of the handle is round, is elliptical. The oval will be relatively people better grip. The one hand grip is very convenient, the single hand is a bit hard feeling. 2. Adjust the gear gear to adjust part on the back cover, and the gear adjustment on the one hand the direction of the side, this position may adjust the gear for some people it is relatively easier. 3. Boot test a total of three gear, will be open to the highest gear is not very shake hand feeling, its stability is good, but open to the gear a little loud. To open once again, it has five gear adjustment, open to the highest gear is also not very shake hand feeling, and slightly smaller than the sound. According to the official data: noise is about 50 db, is about 43 db, and the frequency of the vibration is not reduced, and struck the strength is enough! 4. Cooling mouth both products radiator outlet is above, so you don't worry about the heat dissipation problem. If I were you carefully will find a lot of low-priced massage gun is not cooling of the outlet, just want to say do massage motor heat gun is so high is not good, and what quality problem? 5. Battery life is a concern about massage gun battery life problem, it is determined by the massage gun battery capacity, you remember this, when selecting a massage guns, battery life does not need to look at their own data, you need to look at the battery capacity is ok. Like a battery capacity 2400 ma, is 2500 ma, because the battery capacity is similar, so battery life is about. Like other brand's battery capacity is only about 2000 ma, but said than long battery life, this is definitely unreasonable. 6. The official price is 3420 yuan, the official price is 1800 yuan. Less of the product promotion, so the price is lower. Well, from different aspects and function through the above evaluation is relatively well-known brands in the two massage gun contrast the conclusion is: the local tyrants money can choose directly, because this one is, after all, massage the gun products, the ancestors of benchmarking in qc after-sales is don't have to worry about. If you pursue cost-effective can choose this kind of practical and beautiful degree is less than. Gun as a professional massage relax rehabilitation equipment, its main difference is that we have just said like the speed of the motor, battery capacity, and the several aspects such as design to choose. Massage a lot cheaper gun, it may be possible to choose a second-hand motor or the battery to production safety is not up to par, so security will exist hidden trouble, so when the choice must choose this has been approved by the market inspection, after market products, this is a more reliable choice. Reprint please indicate the: gun guide us and massaging the gun which is better? 0)
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