The role of massage gun, using method and attention points is what?

by:SUNGPO     2020-08-24
Muscle soreness is modern common troubles, working pressure and low amount of exercise, sitting in an office all day long staring at a computer for too long, to maintain the same posture for a long time, like a stiff neck fatigue stewardess neck, waist sour backache more often; Athletes finish exercise even if the relaxation massage, but the next day muscle pain to can not stand, could not move all day. Whether it is a poor posture of pain or soreness after movement, if not good processing, will be accumulated into bad consequences in the long term. Office workers ignored the muscle soreness does not handle, it may cause spinal scoliosis, disc herniation, affect gastrointestinal function; Sports fans, if not good for subsequent repair and maintenance, it will lead to 'overtraining syndrome', make efforts to fall short. At this time, hyperice) ,,, Eleeels foreign brands such as massage gun ( Also called massage vibration gun, gun) Is the good helper musculoaponeurotic deep tissue massage. Muscle soreness solution: deep tissue massage to relax the body deep tissue massage ( 深层组织按摩) Is to help the muscle lactic acid eduction, promote the blood circulation way, different from ordinary own massage can only on the surface; Deep tissue massage can deep fascia, muscles, bones, more effective reduce muscle tight ache, deep muscle repair. Can only go to massage and physical therapists, can accurate massage to deep tissues; But with the progress of science and technology, now also can use at home 'musculoaponeurotic deep massage gun' DIY deep massage. Massage a gun through a 2000 - minute by minute Ultra-high speed beat 3000 times, not ordinary own hands massaging the deep tissue, quickly remove lactic acid accumulation; At the same time can also be precise focus knocks the key pain points, each a according to the essence, make sure you accurate solve ache! Massage a gun should be paid attention to in use? First of all, massage gun can not cure all ills, strain, twist to the don't use massage gun! If you already have strain, sprains, swelling and burning, on behalf of the muscles have inflammation, this time again with massage gun stimulus will only make the muscle secondary injury, cause significant deterioration in injured area! Originally only need to have a rest for a while, may need to accept physical therapy for a long time! Professional physical therapists recommend, use no more than 30 minutes every time, a feeling pain will stop, don't have a 'pain is valid' misconceptions. Use massage gun should steer clear of the part of the body axillary: armpit full of lymphoid tissue, strong vibration may cause lymphatic inflammation or nerve damage carotid artery and femoral artery: the impact of the massage gun is too strong, can lead to the occurrence of thrombosis, the thrombus but will let you stroke! Joint: massage gun can only be used in the big muscles, shouldn't be used on the weak joints, one not careful the soft tissue in the joints and ligaments were injured. Muscle soreness have apparently is the civilization of modern disease, remember to relax, stretch, at any time when sitting together for a walk at least 2 - an hour 3 minutes; Or with the aid of massage relax equipment such as gun, deep muscle relaxation, to have a healthy body and mind! Massage with bubble gun axis ( Fascia axis) The difference is? Besides massage guns, garment, magnetic roller, intramuscular effect is also common myofascial tools to relax, most often discussed together was bubble shaft with massage gun, what's the difference? Professional sports coach said, bubble shaft needs large space to use, and must be rolling around, more time consuming, suitable for stretch big muscle group. Massage a gun can use anytime and anywhere, using three-dimensional vibration mode, aiming at small muscle group pounding, effectively relax small local ones. Advice, can use first bubble axis stretch, massage with a gun, which has deep pressure sore point effect will be the best! Reprint please indicate the: massage massage gun gun guide role, using method and attention points is what? 6)
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