The role of massage gun: bring the ancestors of the concept and importance of vibration massage

by:SUNGPO     2020-08-28
The enjoyment of every month is fixed. If you also like massage, sports massage is a recently emerging options. Very different basketball movement patterns and run, but also need to relax your muscles after motion, accelerate the restore, maintain the flexibility of the muscle fatigue, avoid the formation of sports injuries, friends said he USES VYPER roller and the RAPTOR massage gun for muscle relaxation, more people's influence on the movement of science and technology is beyond my imagination, you massage and movement of science and technology is not out of reach. To redefine the concept of 'shock' - was established since 2012, in the United States launched a was extremely high attention, they put the vibration of the highest specifications related to product research and development, and more to lay its leading brand positioning, however domestic common for the idea of prevention of sports injury is not widespread, spirit of the brand, it is expected to bring this concept into the domestic, also, of course, to the yuan! Is not so much in providing products, more appropriate for, is to convey the concept and importance of vibration massage. Speak of the science of sports massage, is actually in the past knowledge of traditional press, scientific equipment of auxiliary massage on collocation, let the muscles relax thoroughly more accurate. Movement can achieve the health benefits of course, but people often ignore, also caused some muscle overuse. So how to relax your muscles, let the body can afford high frequency movement, is a science. Is the idea of 'prevention is better than cure'. The warning from the body, you hear? With age growing, we gradually learn to injury in every time after treatment, and even buy gear with stick, but every time after exercise, play for muscle soreness is ignored, the 'nothing! Anyway, have a good sleep! Left 'thoughts, and even to appear again the next day, already threw the ache to cloud nine, thus ignore the warnings from the body. Movement after the recovery is very important, not only is the key to maintain good performance, and, more importantly, that's the best way to far away from the injury, every time we hear: 'this is the old wound! 'Speech, in fact, that is because I didn't take good care of just recovery of the muscle group. Moderation every time after the exercise, relax tense muscles, best can through various vibration equipment, drill hit can cause scar tissue with pleurodesis, relieving sore muscles. Like a cramp, actually is not injured, but the excessive use of muscle, body protection mechanism of automatic start, because the burden of muscle is too big, so excessive contraction, let the body force to stop any actions may cause a risk of injury. So it's time to listen to signals from the body. Speak so much, so what is the so-called vibration massage? The pharaoh is through actual experience, take you to find out, which can bring us a new feeling? RAPTOR gun vibration massage RAPTOR gun equipped with four bit vibration massage, meet the needs of different muscle group launch two gun vibration massage, in which the top is RAPTOR gun vibration massage by professionals in the health management team chooses, with 600 to 3600 times a minute shock, with four different bit, in the light of the muscles of the body suit the remedy to the case. Attempt to shock treatment back muscle by muscle of gradual relaxation of body and mind are improved the treatment with RAPTOR gun vibration massage back muscle fatigue, with great circle plane bit ( Can hit a big muscle group) , at first because of the tension, on the contrary make muscles tight, however, as the massage schedules lengthened, feel muscles gradually relaxed, discomfort and gradually eliminate, instead, muscle relaxation, caused by vibration or even slightly fever, trying to use back after the end of course, master the sexual activity, indeed, have improved. And, more importantly, feel the feeling of the stiffness of the body and uncoordinated declined obviously, and feels like a very good night's sleep, wake up refreshed feeling, for office workers, gun vibration massage also moderately reduced stress fatigue life! Massage price compared with the populist gun gun vibration massage also equipped with four kinds of drill bit, and since you are wireless design, so it is convenient to carry gun vibration massage is another a paired with four bit massage guns at the same time, the price compared to people, the most convenient place lies in the design of wireless type, as long as the charge electricity, you can use anytime and anywhere. Movement, leg bear most of the weight, so decided to use the gun vibration massage to relax the calf muscles, vibration intensity on feeling than RAPTOR gun was tempered some vibration massage, stability is also good, Lao wang also stresses the weight of the gun vibration massage is very light, it is wireless, easy for the operator. Also want to be a little reminder, due to the gun vibration massage is for the purpose of the tight muscles to relax, so before the next movement after the treatment, be sure to do more to warm up again, to awaken the muscle, or increase the risk of injury. Reprint please indicate: the effect of massage massage gun gun guide: founder of the concept and importance of vibration massage 1)
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