The role of massage gun and the difference between the stretching yourself

by:SUNGPO     2020-08-21
Yesterday a friend asked if massage with gun don't need a fitness after stretching? Lao wang in yesterday's post has said is very clear: the effects of massage guns and stretching is a must be combined with each other, and the effect is completely different between them. Let's talk about the true meaning of massage gun, it is the full name of 'deep myofascial impactor', or is now interpreted as 'deep fascia muscle relaxation massage gun', effect is also help tighten the muscles to relax after exercise or is the parcel on the blocks in the muscle fascia to relax. Massage gun windfall is: on the court playing pop up leg cramps, use massage gun can quickly put the twitching scattered, easily solve the problem of crus cramp. Digress, deep muscle massage to relax after motion is in order not to let the muscles in the second day after exercise too tight. While the stretching before and after exercise is a must to do, why do stretching, Lao wang in the 'to do more of: after massage to relax, it is necessary to stretch, this article has introduced, interested friends can go and see. So, exercise or after exercise, use massage to ease muscle fascia gun, combined with stretching is after exercising muscles can be recovered to the best condition. Because the length of the muscle line is the ideal state of healthy muscle! Reprint please indicate the: massage massage gun gun guide function and the difference between the stretching yourself 22)
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