The NBA player, domestic stars all like massage massage to relax equipment - gun

by:SUNGPO     2020-09-07
No matter short or long time of training will be more or less to cause muscle strain state, if not in a short period of time for stretching or relax the muscles and can cause muscle pain, and in recent years popular massage gun, lu iron people not only can participate in their own muscle recovery process, massage therapist can also use the operation is simple and effective massage therapy products. NBA famous Boston celts active player Kyrie Irving, EDM star Diplo, knight guard Kyrie Irving ( Center) And singer/actor Joe Jonas is massage gun loyal users. At home, like zhang, li, I love you for one and all the stars are all like using guns for self massage massage to relax! For suffering from tennis elbow, periarthritis of shoulder chronic pain symptoms, such as massage gun for muscle fibers are of great help to repair and restore, let you clearly felt the improvement, the correct method of use, of course, there are still necessary, otherwise achieve the opposite effect. Also for those who just want to relax muscle, relieve muscle soreness, the effect is very obvious, of all the massage to relax instruments, the use effect of massage gun is the highest. Deep muscle massage machine efficacy because of deep muscle massage machine is a kind of physical therapy muscle, with 60 to 65 hz frequency vibrations as much as 2400 times per minute, through 16 mm shock pressure of manufacturing up to 80 LBS, so only 15 minutes can relieve muscle. Help the blood circulation to reduce tension when touch with granular material in muscle, the muscle nodule, representative of muscle fiber has very tight, 'and like to play before a' ', if not strengthen muscle relaxation, continue to tighten, muscle can make joints under pressure to increase, the pain will intensify and other locations in the body. Such as the right shoulder pain, the pain will naturally sideways like, long time will affect the spinal curve, the discomfort and pain in his back. Muscle relaxation, the most basic for DORA reinforcement and exercise, have enough muscle activity, the other for muscle massage is also helpful. Utility extensive deep muscle massage machine, high frequency vibration can stimulate the nervous system and to perfect the analgesic effect, at the same time, the increased blood flow to muscles temperature rises, accelerate muscle tissue healing. In addition, help reduce lactic acid accumulation, muscle and joint pain, relieve muscle fatigue and tension, increase joint mobility, activate the motor nerve, and improve overall performance. Using deep muscle massage massage machine/gun at home treatment, is more often in recent years at home with a regular tool. Rolling in pain points, can increase the muscle blood circulation, deep muscle relaxation. Reprint please indicate the: massage gun guide the NBA player, domestic stars like massage to relax equipment - massage guns 1)
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