The most expensive is not the best, how to choose suits own massage gun?

by:SUNGPO     2020-08-21
Popular sport artifact massage gun, invasion of ordinary families. Especially in some time ago, the big house in the home, not play mobile phones, is to nest on the sofa watching TV, to maintain the same posture for a long time, easy neck stiffness, the waist sour backache, make massage gun popularity soared. But massage gun range on the market, how should choose? Lao wang will show you how to pick a massage today gun: when choosing tip 1 _ operation, a very light energy looks like a 'drill' massage guns. The main principle is through the high frequency vibration, muscle and fascia to deep massage, relaxation effect. Physical therapists often manual therapy, adjust the bone, muscle, fascia and the nervous system, contact massage after the gun, used for adjuvant therapy, more energy, more efficient. If you have a massage guns in the home, treatment prior to relax, to let physical therapist quickly enter the condition, by muscle tight to loose for a long time, can begin treatment focus; And after the treatment, home use massage again gun to maintain the effect, can reduce muscle recovery time. Select technique 2 _ vibration strength wants moderate, not good the more pain the more modern common stiff neck, lower back pain, or muscle soreness after exercise, can use massage to relax the gun. But there are some parts can't knock, helpful hints, such as eye socket, temples, knee after Waterloo has a 'nest', as well as follicular parts, because of less muscle; With bare hands and neck vascular is fragile, even if also not vigorously press. Near the spine has a lot of nerve, also do not recommend typing. Use massage guns in principle there is muscle, no problem, but don't deep pressure, is enough to hold the instrument vibration strength, not a very painful time. In addition, some conditions or special constitution, not recommended for use on its own. Including muscle inflammation, trauma and blood coagulation dysfunction and heart related diseases, pregnant women, female physiology period, etc. In addition, not massage in patients with osteoporosis, is worried about hard pressure get hurt, the best professional assistance. Choose technique 3 _ mute, populist price is more attractive anecdotal massage gun range, from a few yuan to yuan of above, consumer how to choose? If their financial ability can still take its brand abroad; Economy, domestic well-known brand is also a good choice. Choose skills more than 4 _ reverse speed 3 best many branded massage guns in order to attract the public eye, deliberately exaggerated will massage the gun gear, Lao wang had seen a total of 20 gear massage guns. Suggest massage gun gear in 3 ~ 5 gear. Pick tip 5 _ sufficient battery life to massage the gun range is this product 'Ming', at home in the home use massage gun relaxation is actually does not consider the impact of battery life. But if the massage gun carrying heavy use of words, Ken can choose massage is an important parameter on the gun. Reprint please indicate the: massage gun guide is not the best, the most expensive how to choose suits own massage gun? 7)
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