The harm of massage gun: the muscle also note

by:SUNGPO     2020-08-21
Since massage gun launched, many people will be its, in after work or after exercise to relax the body muscles. Massage through high-speed, gun shaking force into the deep muscles, except for relaxation effect, to improve muscle strength, relieving sore has certain help. Although benefits more massage gun, but the wrong usage at any time will do harm to the body, serious and even death. High frequency oscillation massage gun, efforts will be deep to the body, but if you use in the muscle, will have a negative impact. In some joints such as the position such as the shoulder, knee, transmit the power to rebound to ligament after bone, overload and injured, if used in artery location, blood clots may arise, but blood clots into the brain blood vessels, causing a stroke at any time. But more should pay attention to, massage gun never can use the position of the chest, although this two places have muscle protection, but due to very close to the major organs such as heart, chest, is likely to be impaired organ or internal bleeding, serious and even death. Reprint please indicate: the harm of massage massage gun gun guide: the muscle also note 3)
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