The harm of massage gun: solve the muscles tense usage

by:SUNGPO     2020-09-03
There is no denying that the use of vibration massage after a shot the comfortable feeling and cool feeling, really makes people want to continue to press. Often see people with their own 'massage' gun, desperately, savagely hit to one's own body, or very enthusiastic help friends beside massage. To be honest, Lao wang see such massage, really hold a lot of cold sweat! It is lucky that fitness enthusiasts, now are in the habit of relaxation after the movement in the former, frankly, after the movement caused by the tight condition of chronic sports injuries did reduce a lot of, now because few people have body tight issue need massage therapist intervention ( Sports massage) . But, to relax in after a period of time, people will start to search for more convenient way to relax ( Because everybody wants to be particular about efficiency and convenient! ) So the vibration massage series items ( No matter the vibration massage ball, massage roller or gun) Began to emerge. Everyone's time to relax, will come up with their own magic weapon, to give him up! Bottom! Go to! That's right! Vibration can bring everyone the benefits of really very much, massage guns can help us: 1. Pain: is often used to apply in reducing chronic pain, increase the pain threshold. 2. Influence in the muscle cells of muscle spindle and golgi tendon, muscle relaxation. 3. The vibration of the correct treatment, can increase the deep core of induced. Said serious, if used vibration instrument was used to really sports has a lot of benefits to us. However, we also want to see the vibration faults. Here is to explain the massage about the dangers of gun and contraindications. 1. Healthy people shock therapy, may damage the original core balance. 2. Vibrations in the chest and neck, may have a chance to cause arterial thrombosis, lead to return to the heart, lead to shame. 3. In the neck may have the chance to cause the risk of stroke. 4. Vibrations in the abdomen, may cause the internal organs damage. 5. Vibrations in the joints, tendon or ligament injury may cause joint, cause more serious physical injury. Ever feel very terrorist? Gun vibration massage this stuff actually have a chance to cause so much risk. So, if you want to use this product to relax, let's look at how to use, is the right! 1. Don't take it to any body ache, shock! Please know why do you have these problems, whether muscle tight? Or muscle fatigue? Or it is inflammation? Yes, as long as your muscles have redness, swelling, heat, pain, please don't use it to relax, please seek professional inquiry in the subsequent steps. Just mentioned above, also, of course, don't play joints, don't play joints, don't make joint! ! Is very important so three times. Many people will be brought to play shoulder side before or knee nest even cervical vertebra, the tendon ligament and even spinal injuries don't this, may be very serious! 2. A muscle good acid, I give him a massage for 30 minutes, one hour. Then yes, you will find, muscular bruises and peeling, may find you oh oh ~ a muscle relaxation - about 30 seconds 90 seconds, if you always put didn't relax, two hundred percent can say with you, you are absolutely not in the right place, please find the location of the correct ones (first Overactive muscle) For relaxation and processing. 3. According to the deeper the more effect, desperately, siming gave him down and then, you will receive a medal of muscle tear or bruise a massage how to correctly use gun? 1. To understand what their own problems. The feeling of discomfort is caused? Is fatigue, body askew, excessive training? Please understand the reason first, and then began to decide whether to use. 2. If you want to use, relaxed position best place in the larger muscle groups. For example, thigh, calf, hip, back, etc. 3. In a muscle group, please do not use more than 90 seconds, 90 seconds can't relax the muscle group, another problem: absolutely! Go to seek professional coach or trainer, and find out the problem. Use this product is a very comfortable and fast relaxation method, but it brings the risk of can not be ignored. Be careful when using vibration massage equipment, pay attention to the use and the harm of massage gun, wouldn't have bought the expensive equipment of relaxation, but result in more damage, not worth! Reprint please indicate: the harm of massage massage gun gun guide: muscles taut use solution 2)
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