The harm of massage gun: four mistake operation should pay attention to

by:SUNGPO     2020-08-29
Recently as 'deep massage massage can help muscles do gun, not only is very popular in the fitness industry, sport, under all kinds of advertisement publicity, also make many friends have muscle pain, stiffness problem! Although it is true that the massage gun has its bad, but everyone, after all, not a doctor, physical therapists and other licensed professional. If no more attention to when using, easily because of improper operation, against the negative effects of the body, it is worth noting that! Although massage does have a gun, especially moderate take on the large muscle, is helpful for muscle relaxation, and massage to relax on the efficiency of a product to see is the highest. But, after all, tool is dead, and will use the talent to play tool value, in order to avoid we misuse massage gun, but harm to the body, its special matters for guys use often made four big problems, appeal and description: pay attention to point a, put the wrong position, place: because the massage strength, after all, not low gun, in order to avoid excessive stimulation and cause discomfort. Guys use massage guns must avoid areas such as the face, head, neck, neck, chest, and the bones, joints, especially the spine, lumbar spine on both sides. In addition, there are wounds, and bruises or muscle is under a state of inflammation, swelling, heat, pain also should avoid to use, to prevent diseases by excessive stimulation, cause the opposite effect. Attention point two, use improper timing, state: because of strength than the cuhk imagine many massage gun, so it is not only not suitable for use in a state of the above, generally do not recommend that pregnant women and young children to use under without professional operation, some points under the stimulus could trigger a reaction contractions, or conduct strength, inadvertently hurt development of bones, joints, influence the follow-up development. In addition, there are osteoporosis or vascular disease problems, relative special patients more advice should avoid operation, USES massage gun itself. Attention point three, use time is too long for too long: the massage often there will be a 'pain is blocked, the general principles of the pain' ideology, so every time a sore point, often used to more pressure, and stimulate it. But this is easy to cause more severe soft tissue with pleurodesis, dislocation of the joints is more serious, not only the original pain didn't solve, instead more new problem, pay special attention to. In particular, if we use massage guns, more don't have such habit, want to say to stay longer and longer, can let more soothing sore. In fact, because the massage strength of gun is stronger, for staying too long and aimed at some point, cause easily instead for a part too. Recommend everyone massage gun, it is best to type touch the strength of the slip gently, every part for 5 ~ 10 seconds at a time, repeated up to 2 ~ 3 minutes is better. Attention point four, choose the wrong massage head: in addition, the guys for amateurs, suggest to choose massage head, massage guns avoid using shape too sharp and special massage head; Instead choose round, contact the massage head is better with larger area, with large area, a wide range of relaxation, can also help avoid aggravating discomfort. Human fascia reprint please indicate the distribution shown: the harm of massage massage gun gun guide: four mistake operation should pay attention to 29)
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