The difference between low and high massage guns, different price difference massage gun

by:SUNGPO     2020-12-16
Massage gun difference is big, price and quality from several thousand yuan to tens of thousands of yuan massage guns are very common, and appearance are not. For this kind of products, strong sex massage gun should choose what price and quality product? Today, the guangdong massage massage gun manufacturers will be different price difference to be a key analysis of gun. 1, low-cost massage gun, comfort is lack of line shape almost two massage gun why price difference so big? For massage guns don't understand friend, may feel a bit hesitant. But the problem for friends at ordinary times often use massage gun is not the problem, because they are very clear: although similar in appearance, but the good massage massage guns, guns and at the bottom end of the comfort and use feel there is a difference between! People don't expect the smart you only spend less than ten thousand yuan can get a good massage. Network low-end massage gun despite the low price, but negative issues are exposed increasingly. Such as: poor comfort caused massage gun daily utilization rate is low, after-sale protection, can hardly, short service life of the product using the noise is too big, and so on, many had to jump to buy cheap massage gun consumers are fun. Today, Chinese massage gun consumer buying behavior is rational. 'taobao low prices' and' false hype sales' blinded by Chinese consumers is no longer as easy as before. 'good massage gun is the darling of the family will use every day in the home, and poor low-end massage gun comfort will only become house covers an area of decoration' the personage inside course of study of this sentence is very image shows the difference between different class massage gun. A customer bought massage gun when surveyed said, 'would rather not to buy, also won't buy cheap massage gun, take a place and uncomfortable, money no meaning! '。 2, good massage gun, quality and comfortable perfect massage gun and other products, the brand is still the customer's choice! To stabilize the quality, new ideas, good comfort, good brand advantage is relatively full. In the consumer more and more rational, good massage gun under the background of more and more popular, massage gun a brand for China market, also showed the trend of intensified. Massage gun as good XiangShouXing products, can bring comfort to the life, also can achieve the health care effect, so more and more respected, such as in the large space of residence such as villas and double massage guns have high share. Next article: on the working principle of the gun manufacturers teach you massaging the gun an article: to white-collar workers of several big advice - — Frequently 'sit' massage have to the body
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