The correct way of using the massage guns and pay attention to the point

by:SUNGPO     2020-08-22
Today Lao wang to bring us the correct way of using the massage gun, actually to be honest the massage gun shape generally are the same, in addition to the brand of G3 and massage can put rotation angles of G3 Pro, massage the remaining on the market had seen the appearance of gun is the same. Although are similar appearance, but still it is necessary to talk about the use of each brand massage gun method and the usage of each massage head. 1. Circular massage head massage guns or mainly for large muscle groups on the body, such as the deltoid, pectoralis major, leg, the latissimus dorsi and leg muscles. Oh by the way, and triceps and brachial triceps are circular massage head can use. 2. Flat head massage massage guns of the parallel is Lao wang prefer massage head, feeling can be suitable for the entire body massage to relax, don't to the body's muscles relatively weak and have artery and bone massage to relax. 3. Massage gun pointed massage head this point massage head wang prefer, because when especially foot massage the palm, you will feel matchless 'joy'. As a round or flat type of massage head for points on the palms and soles and muscle lack of pertinence. Pointed on the acupuncture point massage can be used when use. 4. U massage head U massage massage guns design concept is that massage to relax the body gun fascia and muscle tissue, not bones. If the massage is can harm the body of the bone. Obviously U massage head massage guns can we back spinal massage position, including the position on both sides of the cervical spine. The last question about massage gun using time and frequency of gear, there are three gear set. Generally, whether a novice or fitness guru or professional athletes are in use, is by the slow growing, so is conducted with a relaxed or warm up. As well as matters needing attention in using, especially the important: a single muscle group in the massage must control well on time, be counterproductive. A single muscle group general control within 1 minute, you can cycle for many times. Reprint please indicate: the correct way of using the massage massage gun gun guide and pay attention to point 3)
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