The correct way of using the massage gun

by:SUNGPO     2020-08-25
Massage gun give people bring musculoaponeurotic relaxation is unmatched by other massage products. This time, wang said unexpectedly saw on the Internet 'massage gun is IQ in paying taxes'. Indeed, massage guns into the domestic market is not very long, also to questioned by the people, but to massage the gun is not in the face of the public, it is a products for the professional athletes, and fitness enthusiasts. New products to give people sense of curiosity that massage guns in the domestic market, on the platform of combined with the flow, introduction is as the red sea market. Lao wang massage the reason of the gun, because of their long time sitting in the office, cause its own strain of lumbar muscles, sacral edge strain and so on. Enter the massage shop massage once you need to spend 100 yuan, have a massage after a shot, basic not to go. As if to say a bit digress, back to the topic 'massage gun use right way'. 1, back massage back massage, along the sides of the spine in the position of the shaft sma along the direction of the muscle silk, can undertake massage up and down. Remember actions don't too fast, to massage evenly. Lateral massage can also be in the position of the waist. 2, the muscles around shoulder massage in the shoulder area, along the direction of the muscle silk, slide gently from top to bottom. , in the middle of the part, too, must pay attention to the massage evenly, extending to the back of the shoulders. Finally, in the use of massage guns don't have too much to increase pressure, because it comes with powerful massage gun, massage in muscle group parts of traveling back and forth. Note feedback use feeling, pain should stop operation, an operation time not too long! Reprint please indicate: the correct way of using the massage massage gun gun guide 5)
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