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The best relaxation product of Massage Gun SP-MG-002

The best relaxation product of Massage Gun SP-MG-002


Massage gun is becoming more and more widely used in our lives, office workers, sports enthusiasts, waist and shoulder pain people, can use the massage gun massage. Massage gun has the advantages of releasing pressure massage and muscle tissue; releasing pressure bone muscle; eliminating fatigue and pain. Introduce a sungpo's massage gun today.

This product name is Multifunctional muscle massage gun,has 20adjustable speed level with indicator touch LED screen,HD digital display touch screen,4-6 kinds of replacement massage head,brushless noise reduction motor,the working db is about 65db.The battery passed IMSDS certification(US regulations,British regulations european regulations),and the appearance of the product is coated with a layer of feel oil carbon fiber material which allows you to hold it more comfortable.


Product structure introduction

Exquisite design

Next-Generation noise reduction technology

24v built-in li-ion battery 20 gears of speed shifting 8 hours battery life

24v brushless DC motor brings a high power

low noise experience

Why we choose the fascia gun ? because it has certain advantages.

Advantages of massage gun

1. Release pressure on fascia and muscle tissue

After exercise and fitness,if the muscle tissue is not massaged or stretched,it will become very tight and fascial adhesions.Not only will the body feel uncomfortable,but it will also affect the normalization and growth of muscle tissue.There may be conditions where muscle tissue becomes stiff,and tight.

The massage gun is used to form 1400-2400 vibration per minute,and the gun head impacts the tight parts of the body after exercise to help the muscle tissue and soft tissue to release the pressure and return to normal,and prevent the muscle tissue from becoming too strong.

2. Relive stress on skeletal muscle

When the massage gun performs high-frequency oscillations on the skin surface,it also acts on the deep skeletal muscles,causing the skeletal muscles to release pressure instantly,and the meridian nerves and blood vessels are instantly unblocked.

3. Eliminate fatigue and soreness

In normal times,even if you do not exercise,occasionally using a massage gun as a massage device can also promote blood circulation,dissipate creatine formed due to fatigue,and help relieve body fatigue and aches.

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