The ancestor of massage gun brand

by:SUNGPO     2020-09-03
The NBA players to play 82 regular season games all season, if the playoffs will play more. In addition to the daily training, rest and physical recovery is also very important, so have some props to help players back? This is a massage. Ross in this season's outstanding performance, may make many of his fans feel surprise, in the game against the lakers last November, his nine three-point shots in 31 points, and the most impressive of the game to Lao wang, in addition to his excellent performance, is the game in the fourth quarter, when he sit long rest, a gun in hand, in the leg muscles relax, that's right - is muscle relaxation gun Massage a gun. Massage gun except Ross and there are many players on the pitch used it. Massage the principle of gun is through the impact of high frequency, to increase the ductility of the muscles, especially in the case of stiff muscle spasms, massage gun can stimulate the reflex contraction of muscle fibers. Such therapeutic massage helps the players, from the very state of fatigue and recovery, very timely muscle relaxation for players on the pitch in. When it comes to massage guns have to mention a person, the man called Anthony katz ( 安东尼Katz) , he USES the massage of gun is Ross's production company founder, 41 years old this year he was in high school history teacher part-time basketball coach, because of the love of basketball, he every week to play a few games, but as the growth of the age, katz, feel the speed of recovery from bad to worse. After muscle massage to relax and ice compress, for he has become the indispensable process. Insert here a little common sense: in our traditional idea, we feel cold, for joints would cause damage. The idea is not entirely correct. Under the condition of reasonable control, cold stimulation can actually reduce bleeding after motion, thus alleviate inflammation, still can make speed recovery of joint swelling and damage. After strenuous exercise, ice compress joint recovery method is very effective, so we often can see some NBA players, such as Jordan, James, and so on, they will be on his knees after the game tied to a huge chunks of ice ice compress, and garage and mackey even to freezing therapy. Has a professional team of NBA players, recovery than for ordinary lovers like katz, after each play has such ice compress, is somewhat difficult. So he started thinking about how to complete the innovation from the ice packs. Soon after, katz, designed a new version of the ice bag, the ice bag can be worn in the body, and above there is a vent, can let the ice bag has maintained a vacuum, so even the ice in the ice bag, also won't reduce the joint degree of ice in the body, and influence the effect of the cold. Due to the effect and experience is very good, the product in the quickly so the popularity of NBA players, including the griffin, James star players, etc. You agree this is a good product, and they also [katz up a nickname 冰的人) Massage, and then came the detonation gun red products. Products and katz, overnight market, while James is special product, there will be a sign of his own, even Rudy gay in also become one of the katz, the company's investors, and in addition to outside, there is also a brand called the Trigger Point. This brand is very popular with NBA players have care products brand, they are most classic massage shaft of a bubble. This product is the nuggets team used as a warm-up before the game and after the relaxation of specified products. This massage shaft is also very convenient, in the United States for the game, each player is also a hand, convenient they roll a roll before exercise or after exercise. If the next time you watch the game, found the players on the sidelines with a very advanced and strange machine, don't know in sit, so he mostly in massage to relax or restore your muscles. Ok, Lao wang to bring about the massage today gun of the ancestors of this two brands. Reprint please indicate the: massage massage gun gun guide the granddaddy of brand 6)
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