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by:SUNGPO     2020-12-18
Gun manufacturers teach you home massaging the gun cleaning in the mall, we watched the somebody else sell household chair is very comfortable, chair as long as it is when people are tired at may spare time function, help the body physique, insist for a long time to also can t high living of the human body, slow down the speed of getting old. Outside also say so, g is said to be able to extend human life spans, exaggerated are selling method. May we have no present shortcomings, household chair has revealed shortcomings, divided into difficult at this moment, how to deal with? Spinoza chair introduce us to some 1 household chair MAO cleaning method. 1, the leg lift, mostly from calf motor damage formation, a minority of the reason is motor driven circuit or control circuit is formed, on the surface of the mechanical problems, such as stents damaged, also make the leg to lift. Manifest error code 2, and drive controller or a function to perform, 1 kind is damage to the formation of the hand controller, and computer control part of the reason may be because the mainboard. 3, arms, legs, back bag is not drum, mostly because of links to receive drops, drive circuit damage, damage to the pump, and air leakage. 4, no function, it is possible that the small bulbs damage or lamp plate cracking, it is possible that the drive circuit damage. 5, don't, do not rise, do not hit back, stretching, and most of the reason is the motor damage, damage to the drive circuit, and the belt falling, detection not, spring or fixed screw drop elements such as mechanical parts. 6, noise, 1 kind is from mechanical parts, such as gear oil shortage, foreign bodies, bruised, fixed screw looseness damage of pump, motor, transformer etc. Close to marginal and form the machine running too much electricity, etc. Household chair MAO wipe out: 1, disconnect detection machines, separation by the resistance method to check the components of each part. 2, check each part of the chair have connecting line contact, connection parts have dislocated, belt have dropped, hose screws and have the status of the drop. 3, for electricity, each part of the separation test load voltage change, 1 up to the machine to check the time to live learning as far as possible, such as leg not up, 1 kind is litres of motor damage, so use other functions intact detection circuit by substitution, reason, basic common motor driven method, voltage is about the same, so by substitution test don't have too much of an issue. 1 some household chair MAO we should have met, may your application, but also refer to the guest's chair of the author's chair MAO sweep method, 1 kind is to be able to deal with problems. Always, no matter what, we in use at yi must cherish, otherwise ratio and render wool to repair again, time is long life is becoming more and more short. Many friends think household chairs are consumer goods, you must be good, so buy expensive will not wrong, think that there is nothing wrong with the original, but you don't know is that chair why so expensive? The reasons are the following: 1, chair base is the masses of consumer goods, also due to the device, but the understanding of the current national although gradually to increase, but about life power chair so expensive equipment purchase consumer not know well, household chair just is the price of 8, and even hundreds of thousands of 1, if not chair store staff that are hard to understand to the chair of these aspects of interest, such as time passes, we also know latent thought, chair 1 is a consumer product, know it well, but the price is too high, many people listen to jj, latent knowledge and thought this is a spend tens of thousands of dollars to buy things, so it is not considered. On, also because of such factors, economic conditions, latent knowledge thought, chair of the original is expensive, I want to buy, buy expensive will not wrong. Think so, yes, but it's still needs about 1 more in addition to the price. Other advantages such as spinoza chair. Second, the chair is a bit expensive one high resolution factor is the development, the production capital, as far as I know, one of spinoza chair can be successful, is the chair manufacturer requirements development personnel takes a lot of energy, first conceived, the chair to what kind of appearance? What kind of color? What kind of utility equipment? A new look and combination of harmonious movement main body? And so on, these questions are all demand to develop staff thought, fixing operation, all ability to make 1 prototype, this prototype is hard day and night 1 week talent demand the development department. Prototype come out in the future, after the test in the early aging, admitted that there is no problem, after beginning to admit what parts need to open mold, which parts need to inform or find another supplier, said these trivial work, as long as it is the new chair, the deputy is set to open on both sides of the mould, only the big hand open on both sides of the vice chair mould also want a lot of money, time and needs less then a month, is three months more talents well. One of spinoza chair products, demand for machine core, circuit boards, steel, leather, plastic and so on many components combination in 1, these components cost plus the mold cost and development cost of capital, after all, to the resolution of the chair. Thus we find, the price of the chair 1 because of the influence of market environment, the national consumer cognition is not high, common people use less, so the price is high; Because manufacturing capital is high, the input is large, so the price is high; Because of these two points, guide people to the consumer understanding of chair, consumption or not, in fact, to put it bluntly, is let's dive know think this thing is very expensive! Want to know other information, please pay attention to our guangdong ( Yangjiang) Spinoza electronic technology co. , LTD. , how long the warranty? The warranty period? How does the warranty cost business accounting? The warranty certificate? Lost can also served as the warranty? Is spinoza chair on how to choose the knowledge of household chair, hope can help to you. Next up: the foot vendors would talk about how to select good chair a: talk about home pedicure vendors would analysis chair of choose and buy
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