Talk about the role of massage gun, use of attention and how to choose the massage gun

by:SUNGPO     2020-08-26
This period of time due to some special reasons, need to stay at home. At home fitness, remember later must have a proper rest, so that muscle was restored. Now popular 'massage' gun on the market, its role is to use the principle of high frequency vibration, with 2000 to 3000 beats per minute, through the massage heads the power to directly to the muscle surface and deep position, to achieve the effect of muscle relaxation, promote the blood circulation and ease muscle soreness. Relative to the hand massage, massage guns, of course, it's convenient to use, but many people misuse, results in callus. So when using, need to remember the following steps: a, with circular massage head start, and the vibration speed adjustment to the slowest speed. Second, do not to press the bones or joints. Three, avoid put pressure on nerves populated place, such as: cervical spine and spinal cord. Fourth, avoid using massage guns in the direction of internal organs. Special attention should be paid to stay away from metal or electronic items ( Such as cardiac pacemaker, metal replacement joints, etc. ) 。 Five, each position first use not more than 2 minutes. Massage gun pay attention to the point: we need to pay attention to some, because the gun belongs to the high frequency vibration massage appliance, must not directly to the joints, ligaments and large arteries, chest and vital organs. Because the body's tissues thinner, easily torn bleeding caused by the strong vibration, moreover causes acute trauma. If want to make massage gun to become a good helper, can focus on when the author recommend the use of muscle of the side before ham and crus massage, because in the two groups is also big muscles, but also frequently used, to massage the gun pressure will be particularly effective. Early as long as the speed of the massage gun to lowest, thigh quadriceps, for example, is the central press to the muscles, can feel the muscles from the outside to the impact of the deep. Habits can gradually improve the speed, the next step to convert massage head. In fact, as long as the press accurately, even with the most common massage head can also have the ideal relaxing effect. When you massage gun brand of choose and buy, don't in electric business platform choose cheaper massage guns. Because Lao wang had to obtain one hundred yuan price of the products, massage experience is later all don't want to use a gun. This is directly to Lao wang for gun 'massage' affection in the heart thoroughly into the 'useless'. But, when you start with well-known domestic brands massage or is the brand of the gun, use the feeling is really quite striking. This is one of the most main reason why domestic branded massage gun using a large number of second-hand motor or defective motors, there is no strength to use completely. We want to know more about their own situation, after the movement again with the correct way to relax. The next step should take advantage of the muscle relaxation, match with the extension of progressive approach, will be able to help more effectively. However some pathological conditions, such as inflammation, abrasion or ligaments, cartilage, and can't governance through massage gun, must seek help from professional medical personnel. Reprint please indicate the: massage to discuss the effect of massage gun gun guide, use of attention and how to choose the massage gun 0)
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