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Sungpo massage gun

Sungpo massage gun


What is a massage gun? In simple terms, massage gun is a soft tissue rehabilitation tool that relaxes the soft tissues of the body through high-frequency impact, also called deep myofascial instrument.The principle of massage gun is to use high frequency vibration,disperse adhesive massage,accelerate blood circulation and relax muscle tissue.The greet about the massage gun is its high-intensity vibration rate,amplitude and adjustable massage head can save us a lot.It is like an on-call "personal massage.When you exercise for a few hours,or siting at the office desk for a day,your shoulders,neck ,waist and back are stiff and sore.At this time,open the massage gun and aim it at the painful area on your body,and let massage head wander freely on your body.Tame the lactic acid in your muscle so that you lose your temper in an instant,and immediately escape from your body.Especially after we are exercising or exercising,the sympathetic nerves are over-excited,causing the muscles to be too tense when they are static,resulting in fascial adhesions,which affects the recovery of growth.

When the fascia is adhered or damaged,the body often suffers from discomfort such as muscle stiffness,loose muscle tissue,and soreness,At this time,the massage gun plays a role.It can release these extra excitement through fascia relaxation.Fascia relaxation can effectively comb the myofascia,get stretched,reduce muscle friction,and affect joint mobility and muscle extension.Sex can help a lot.

For some people who like to exercise,the fascia gun is a good choice.After exercise,it will relax your muscles.You must have enough leisure time and exercise energy to walk into the gym unhurriedly.If you have a massage gun at this time,you can perform muscle massage anytime,anywhere.

But how should we choose a massage gun?There are many types of massage gun on the market,and their prices vary.It is unnecessary to choose a low-priced one,and fear that the quality is not good,and the price is too high.It is particularly important to choose a cost-effective massage gun.

Sungpo High-Tech adheres to the mission of making health and beauty easier,marking with design services,and the purpose of design-driven manufacturing to present customers with cost-effective massage gun.At Sungpo,you can provide everything you need,and everything you want can be realized.


Sungpo High-Tech:Use of hand-feeling oil,matte highlights the texture,the surface is soft-touch,wear-resistant and has super adhesion,the body is flat and beautiful;the front mouth is

smooth and flat,without grooves and burrs;the shell material is sprayed evenly,fill and smooth no flaws,high requirements for molds,massage heads use private molds,smooth and clean

Others:Using uv,the surface spray paint is light and thin,the smooth texture is low,and the touch is stiff; the plastic shell of the body shrinks and deforms,and the groove processing is uneven;

the plastic shell is unevenly oiled; the massage head uses a male mold,and the surface is scratched with grooves.


Sungpo High-Tech:Bearings use NMB imported Japanese brands;motors uses 55MM brushless motor,low sound,strong power,strong force,in-depth muscle tissue massage; battery users original LG,Zhuoneng,etc.;battery capacity is 6 cells,25.2v real standard 2400mAh;it can be fully charged in3-4hours,and the use time can reach 5-10hours.

Others:the bearing is made in china;the motor uses 48MM,the power is small,the strength is week,the speed is slow,and the experience is not strong; the battery uses unbranded or recycled batteries; the battery capacity is 3 cells,12.6V; although the charging time can be fully charged in 0.5 hours,but the use time is extremely low,1-2 hours.

三、East and Equipment

Sungpo High-Tech:Use battery sorting equipment(battery sorting machine is a test and sorting equipment for the internal resistance,voltage and other parameters of cylindrical batteries.It comes with a high-precision internal resistance and voltage automatic test system.This equipment can the battery is accurately fed to the designated gear according to the set internal resistance and voltage value);the aging test of the whole machine is more than 30 minutes;the quality of the whole machine is fully inspected.



Sungpo Hi-Tech: Suitcase + airplane box, environmentally friendly materials without peculiar smell. Aircraft box: H-H, 140G high reinforcement, outer box: K-K, 140G high reinforcement

Others: Suitcase. The material is not environmentally friendly and has peculiar smell.


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