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SUNGPO Hundred-Day Battle - Believe in the Power of Faith

SUNGPO Hundred-Day Battle - Believe in the Power of Faith



SUNGPO sales and purchasing department executives participated in the Hundred-Day Battle organized by the company

This outreach training is mainly divided into three links,

The first is the double decoding team flop from A-K,

The second is a three-round team game

The last afternoon was the most impressive: Challenge the Devil’s Pass

"Report the devil! I am SUNGPO's xxx. I am firm in my goal. No matter what difficulties and obstacles are encountered on the way, I will stick to it and never give up! Please allow to pass!" A short guide word requires firmness, Recite it to the devil confidently, loudly and without error. In many cases, what we lack in doing things is just a determination, a cowardly opportunity to overcome our own, bravely standing in front of the big devil, and breaking our own demons.

The little friend took the lead in the challenge, clenched his fists, and looked like he was dead and determined to win. But I don't want to, our great devil is not bullying and fearing hardship, he will hit you back to the original point with one move. Some friends changed their tactics, thinking about using softness to overcome the strength, trying to amuse the devil and make it break the power, uh~ it seemed useless, the big devil gave an order and obediently returned to the original point. Witnessing the sternness of the Devil, the little friends no longer dared to relax their vigilance. Some of the team members watched the Devil carefully and looked for weaknesses, while some of the little partners volunteered to face the Devil.

In order to please the demon king, the friends are also willing to go! The strict devil always makes some demands that make us feel unreasonable and even feel wronged. We did not do anything wrong, nor did we fail to do a good job. Faced with all the difficulties of the devil, we persevered to the end with a attitude of not admitting defeat. , Finally defeated the big devil.

After several rounds of teamwork, as individuals, we have learned: how to persevere, seek methods, adapt to the environment, adjust ourselves, and actively respond to continuous failures. How to actively cooperate with the team, communicate in time, and exchange information.

As leaders, we can learn: how to make scientific decisions, create efficient execution, how to optimize processes, control processes, improve team collaboration efficiency, how to mobilize team enthusiasm, and how to make suggestions for team members in the face of repeated setbacks.

Throughout the day’s team development activity cooperation, from the beginning we were in a separate battle, to the development training challenge, we each expressed our own views, talked endlessly, slowly, we no longer take ourselves as the center, integrate ourselves into the team, we have ideas, we After discussing it, we failed, we encouraged each other, and succeeded, we cheered.

Everyone can be an opinion builder, but there can only be one leader. In a team, how to allocate work well, how to cut a task in a limited way, and how to adjust the strengths and weaknesses of team members are what leaders should think about.

In general, this day's outreach training activities have made us very rewarding.

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