Snow, massage a gun? And the method to use

by:SUNGPO     2020-09-04
Today Lao wang to bring snow DE massage gun is introduced and its application method, this massage to relax the product can bring us benefits, to start with regular exercise, often use massage guns not only can effectively help us ease muscle after movement caused by the tension, relieve muscle lactic acid accumulation, second can also improve our muscle flexibility, flexibility to reduce when in motion we might get hurt. Massage massage effects and often use gun gun can also help our muscles grow, to improve our sports performance, the second is for those office workers often sedentary don't exercise regularly, Ken can we feel whole body one day there will be a skeletal muscle is very ache, that is because the fascia due to excessive tension. Then I come home from work at this time, we can use the loose solution of gun a full-body massage. Such not only can improve the flexibility of our body and suppleness, second can also let us in after a day of play the role of relieve fatigue, ease muscle. Snow's F1 massage massage the introduction of the first gun gun it is a total of five gear, long press the power button can be opened. According to the different needs of the body, to adjust the massage gun gear. Tell you about a special important note: when we were in the use of massage gun, massage head must press it tightly, and then click on the determined seam is no excess gap, so at the time of use to the use of more secure. Then introduce snow F1 massage massage head of gun: the fascia of spherical head she is suitable for our large muscle groups, such as the quadriceps muscle and thigh, so that we can use the spherical fascia head; Then Y massage head it is used in our spine, back on both sides of the spine, and our heel of Achilles, cervical vertebra, can be used Y massage head massage. Flat head it is suitable for our whole body meridian massage, it is relatively mild, the body can be used; Bullet shaped fascia head mainly to massage the body each fascia point, and in the position of the joints can use the bullet. To tell you is when we use massage guns, it is important to note that don't play to the bone. We will according to the muscle of the body, muscles or massage fascia. The snow's F1 gun also added two massage head, massage massage its surface is made of stainless steel. It according to these such as plastic allergy or friends when in use we like to add some oil to massage the whole body massage, the steel surface round head or body big muscles, the steel surface is flat is also can use the whole body, the two fascia head can better help us to use this kind of massage. Snow's F1 the massage gun in use will automatically stop after ten minutes, so when this is not our machine appeared any failure, but our battery it has an automatic protection function. In order to let you use next time, this massage gun which has the same performance, so after ten minutes if the massage gun stopped it doesn't matter, it is ok to press the power button once again. Reprint please indicate the: DE snow gun guide massaging the gun? And its use method 2)
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