Smart dual-mode massage gun?

by:SUNGPO     2020-08-24
In recent years, people begin to pay more attention to their health status, the use of fascia after fitness massage gun for muscle relaxation, let the sport cause back pain ease the tight situation. But the massage gun products rich in notch entry of one hundred yuan to four yuan models have, in the latest issue of the recent raise commodity is intelligent dual mode from 'per item' massage gun, price is also quite populist, 399 yuan! In appearance of this kind of smart dual-mode massage gun the raise commodity, has a wide variety of gear and patterns, strong power and lasting life and the patent of appearance design, in addition to meet the demand of general public muscle pain massage, aimed at the fascia to relax after the movement can also be satisfied. Smart dual-mode massage gun with 1800 ~ 3200 RPM, a total of five strength of gear, with intelligent electronic interaction system automatically adjust the vibration frequency, the strength, and is divided into professional massage fitness, intelligent two modes. Users can according to their own needs as switching, whether after exercise muscle relaxation, or simply relax massage is quite appropriate. Smart dual-mode massage guns provide a wide range of speed Mode, Mode 1 to 1800 revolutions per minute can be used for muscle recovery, Mode2 at 2400 revolutions per minute can be used for the fascia relaxation, Mode3 to 3200 revolutions per minute to corresponding professional users demand. When in 3200 RPM high speed impact mode, to 70 mn. M strong torque can massage depth up to 10 mm, will be deep muscle soreness, fatigue instantaneous release. Daily home relaxing can choose intelligent massage mode, will simulate professional masseuse massage technique, distinguished strengthened gradually, gradually relax sore muscles. In addition, because carry patent structure and mute brushless motor noise reduction, the minimum noise during operation only 45 decibels ( dB) 。 Life, smart dual-mode massage gun adopts 2900 mah long-term storage lithium battery, can provide abundant and lasting power. With massage 10 minutes a day, full of electricity can be continuous use about 84 days at a time. Smart dual-mode massage gun using wireless charging, as long as put on the massage the gun can quick charge charging base. In addition, the charging base also has massage head to receive a space, let users at ordinary times in the replacement is more convenient. Smart dual-mode gun with 4 professional massage head, massage of the spherical head respectively, U shaped head, cylinder head, flat head, the massage head adopt soft food grade silicone material, original internal cellular structure, surface texture is soft and springback, can protect the skin, reduce the damage to the muscles and bones, take care of each muscle group. Reprint please indicate the: intelligent dual mode of gun guide massaging the gun? 10)
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