Show you the effect of massage to relax tools such as gun, massage principle

by:SUNGPO     2020-09-03
Myofascial can reduce the friction between the muscle, fascia and can easily relax? Use rubber roller for auxiliary tool to do some press action, is widely considered to be able to relax the muscle fascia, can reduce muscle soreness. Do the corresponding action, can control the location of good strength and myself. Used the person can feel, after using the drum roll, pain seemed to disappear, prove it by rubber roller relax fascia, to be effective. But just know, after in-depth research use rubber roller for aid, fascia is actually there's no way to easily be relaxed. Studies have shown that human thigh and the plantar fascia, more than one hundred kg per square centimeter need power is likely to make its deformation, therefore, if you want to use rubber roller effectively relax fascia and body weight must be more than one thousand kilograms. Why, then, with the drum or massage gun ( Massage a gun) After, there will be a relaxing effects appear? Because in the muscle and fascia tissue contain pressure detection sensors, when we use massage roller, a gun or brace ( 拉伸) , it will increase the pressure, at the same time receptor feelings will be transmitted to the brain, nervous tension of continuous accept to signal to inform the parts of the organization can reduce a little, the brain will command the muscles around the let them relax. Fascia, therefore, it is impossible to really be relax easily. Massage roller, a gun or brace, just as tool or way of relaxation, the real credit is our membrane receptor of stress, and to adjust themselves. Without assessment, therefore, find out the real problem for root in muscle and fascia, there is a big chance in a few hours or half a day later, relaxing place originally tight back again, this represents a under the command of the brain, muscle tension over there and back. And the massage gun ( Massage a gun) Use, Lao wang in this provides some considerations for the use of being friend reference, because the product has the therapeutic products, in recent years, the market is also very common. This massage gun, used to do but relax sore symptoms, but if used wrong, could have considerable health risks. On the market sell massage gun, principle is through the high frequency vibration, will transmit the force to the deep muscles, accelerate the blood circulation, the ache area elastic tension muscle and fascia with sticky, in order to achieve the effect of massage to relax. But on the basis of the characteristics of the high frequency vibration, there are a few places are not suitable for use: small muscle tendon, ligament, joints, blood vessels, nerves, more like a spine, knee, elbow, hand, inner thighs, chest, etc. These muscle less often, blood vessels, nerve also relatively close to the skin surface, easy to cause damage, vascular disruption of the users don't even know it. Reprint please indicate the: massage gun guide to take you to massage gun relax tools such as the role of, massage principle 4)
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